single Diary is a new unit of female fans, with 500 words to write tempting's single thoughts. This time to talk about the annoying ex- boyfriend /ex-girlfriend, you broke up, he is still in your life, you broke up, he still occupies the weight of your heart. Perhaps you are all very good, do not rape not evil, only then is not let each other happy person.

"I miss you." The phone is his voice with a steady nasal polyp, has been very late, he has called, said to you, play dumb forget how you broke up, "there is nothing, just want to hear your voice." 」

You laugh and cry, but can not hang up the phone, how much you miss his voice. How embarrassed break up after, he but become gentle. You suddenly think of him, every ex-girlfriend you are very annoying, until you also become his ex-girlfriend, but unexpectedly have the right to miss late at night.

You are single, know not and can not be together, but up and down with the thief playing ambiguous. He is your ex-lover, you are very frank, you miss him, and hate to miss his own, more perhaps, you actually hate this know the outcome of the process.

You didn't talk on the phone and thought about when the game would be. Is waiting for him to meet the next one to make him more exciting, or waiting for you to refuse him a good day, and understand that you will eventually go to their own distant division of the road?

You clearly understand that you are only afraid of each other lonely transition, you pull me, I give you a moment, tonight we all Don't be lonely.

What you miss is a beautiful projection of love, a person can miss, for single people, seems to have been too happy. But perhaps your life can not this kind of abuse of fate, you can not keep saying that think you, but do not want to be with you good people together.

In one's life, as long as can let a person obtain happiness, is happiness.

Chuan Duan Kawabata

You are all very well, but they are not the ones who make each other happy.