How to beat stress

If your economic situation, relationships, family, and family life make you feel very stressable, the following guidelines will allow you to fundamentally change the problem so that you have a peaceful life, especially when the festival is going to be around.

The festive panic is likely to occur on everyone, but if you are suffering from mental stress related diseases, it will be more severe for Christmas panic attacks than normal people.In addition, the form of stress is not only a symptom of irritability, anxiety, and so on.

If you want to understand how to defeat the pressure, we can give you the advice: To think good, do good, and live well!

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Don't always think for others, and your own needs are important.

To calm the anxiety and tension around the stomach, you can breathe deeply, firmly, and safely.At every breath, let the pressure leave you slowly, and then imagine a peaceful feeling that you're going to get out of the center.If you throw away the expectations that others put on you, it's better for yourself."


Fragrant therapy can help reduce stress and fatigue.

Like cars on the road, we are being asked to do a lot of things at the same time, work hard, enjoy it, and have time to meet with friends and relatives.These are the facts of our Christmas time.

If you're tired of work, social and family during festival periods, essential oils can help you tide over the storm.In particular, Yugali can help you physically and psychologically eliminate fatigue, reserve energy, and vitality, and give you a more powerful incentive to life.

If you are afflicted by the guilt that is created by the many unfinished items on your calendar, the incense can help you alleviate those guilt and make it easier for you to take responsibility rather than just to blame yourself.

Bacon, a drug designer, said.And even in a hectic world, the therapy can keep you in a good balance of happiness and spirit.Different stages of life are suited to different stages of treatment."

Seek professional

Sometimes you just can't handle yourself, and what you need is external assistance.

Just talk to your psychological counselors about immediate anxiety-especially when you don't know why your anxiety is coming.If you're in a bad situation, then your counselor might prescribe a prescription to help you overcome anxiety and stress.

If the stress is not removed, it can lead to more serious mental illness, such as depression or anxiety.If your counselor has no sympathy for your situation, please don't give up hope. Please seek help from another consultative council.If you don't think you're ready, then report back to your counselor!

When you're tired, don't be afraid to talk to others or seek professional help.A therapist can also be given an appointment at the same time, and he can help you understand where your pressure is, and find ways to overcome it.

It is definitely not a disgrace to talk to others about your problem.Everyone has their own trouble, and the smart people will find help to solve the problem.

preplanned and sought

The writer Suzy Greaves suggests: " Christmas has made the majority of the people become overly courted and courted for perfection, endless blood work, cooking, and cleaning.Let this Christmas be different, so that you will not waste a lot of health and energy.New decisions were made during the festival season, and there was a truly happy Christmas.

Column needs a list of work that needs to be done in advance, and then carefully assess when you should complete it.Ready to prepare, know which things are not complete, will make the entire Christmas list look less terrifying.

Greaves also suggests: " A Christmas campaign will make you popular, but you only need to be responsible for one tenth of your work, while the rest will be shared among others, and you have fun, the most important, and brainstorming until you have a really exciting idea.What's important is that people are assigned to roles, such as the baking of Christmas cakes, gift wrapping, and so on, and this is a division of responsibilities, so you don't have to keep track of the progress of everyone.

A basic law for doing things is that everyone is responsible for different Christmas vegetable colors to determine the gift budget, or provide a prize within the budget to give the most creative gift to the gift!

You can ask yourself, " What will change my life if I give up hope for Christmas and New Year? " Do you stop to control the progress of your activities, do little to plan, or worry about it?How much different do you feel?

Replace the idea I want with "I want" because "I want" means the request; whereas "I think" is more prone to curiosity than to expect.What's important is to focus on what you have now, not what you don't have.

study by Professor McColough of Dallas University and Professor of the University of California at the University of California points out that documending what is appreciated every day can help eliminate the sense of loss; increase awareness, passion, determination, optimism and dynamism.

List shopping and prepare

(Steps to effectively reduce stress) James Koch believes that many women have become "commanders" during festivals, planning to buy gifts, food purchases and cooking, as well as daily household chop.

In fact, as long as there is enough psychological preparation and use of the laptop to make daily use of the laptop, everything is under your control, such as the planning of the menu, the list of purchases, and the other to-do items.No matter whether you are in a house, kitchen, or you need to go out and buy materials temporarily, don't be stingy and ask for help from the people around you!

If you want a Christmas dinner plan to start earlier, you have to run the budget thoroughly.Searching for things on the Internet (gifts or food) can subtract pressure from people crowding in the crowd and find the ideal thing more easily, so that you know where to go when you're on the street.

When you are planning to execute your Christmas party plan, recruit some help, and then you can get yourself a drink after the event is successful!

Ensuring the viability of the

the Christmas party is fun, it can be interrostatized, but it can be turned down when you have other appointments or tiredness, because there are too many things happening during the Christmas season.

Have a constructive plan for your Christmas, and pay attention to the length of time, be it cooking, blood work or party.And remember to reward you when it's a paragraph.

Open your own nap

Don't touch alcohol for the time being, not to completely quit drinking, but for health reasons.

After a period of time in the house, remember to take a little heat and do some sports: walking, jogging, soccer, tennis, or with friends and family, and having fun and enhancing feelings, and sweating you can sweat.

For a period after Christmas, let your nutritional intake go back to light: basic white meat and fish, cooking with fresh vegetables, and whole grains of wheat.To give up those flavors and oily seasonings temporarily, ensure that sufficient water is replenish, so that the metabolism is normal and that it can emit toxic substances.

Looking back at what you did!

The University of Wisconsin at the University of Wisconsin called this phenomenon "headonic treadmill"-"the more property and achievement it gains, the greater the cost to be happy.""

We are always in the pursuit of not achieving it, and we are comparing it with our neighbors.Please focus on what we now have, what we have achieved, not what we are lacking.

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