A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. After breaking up, you keep thinking of the meaning of single, since doomed to separate, the original why love so persistent? Love and pain too close, often let you forget for their past pure mind proud. (Recommended reading: write to the life partner at this moment: you don't need to be "not to abandon my Lover")

I never forget the day of the first date, I looked up from under the escalator, you step by step, until my eyes in the picture are you according to, we are so justly in reality before the struggle to each other world.

See in front of the wardrobe always in front of repeatedly picking, want you to see my most beautiful appearance of foolishness.
Stay up late waiting to see the news with you, deeply afraid of each other miss the disturbed.
A person shopping, but also non-stop for you to find a single product of joy.
After a tantrum with their own awkward pull, see you hurry to appease the secretly happy.
Pillow in your body found that we are more and more similar charm, listen to your future has my peace of mind.

Can be so wholeheartedly, think you are home in the days, after the separation can only give a person a free.

Love and pain often depend so close, look so similar, so always let a person mistakenly recognized that the lack of the results of a loving love is a real waste.

Discrete meaning is still vague, but I began to understand their ability to love, no longer let the pain to deny the persistence, because so in a panic to close to each other's mind let me know that love is not a demand, not trading, not calculation, love is more than the everlasting, I care about you in front of.

Pain is because you left, and love is still there.

I am still weak, occasionally with some sadness, but a solid feeling that we have had the best love, never to fill the gap exists. Perhaps in the back of memory, can only rely on fragmented fragments to stack out at this time of you, but I will be good to look back on their own body, for the past that the world only I can give the love of pride.

Heartbreak is a good omen, which means we have tried.

Elizabeth Gilbert