A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. The big wave, let the once love us unprepared. May not meet again later, but will be taken back does not represent waste, cherish the weight of memories no longer insignificant. (Recommended reading: The Most beautiful love, is to let you find love from yourself )

The sweetest and most painful part of falling in Love is "gathering and sometimes". Lovers and family, friends are not the same tacit understanding, often not ready to say good-bye before, the two people are pushed to the reality elsewhere, and so you will look back to each other, only to find the gap has been quietly drilled into.

The past has been exchanged as a sorry, but the most wanted to clarify the doubts have no answer. We have no common imagination in the future.

Fate, perhaps is not predestined.

Like the zipper behind the dress, how can you not pull up on your own time, you almost forget what a person's life should be like. Isn't it time to get used to celibacy? But love is not a cold upright in situ, those breath and temperature are the heat of your hair hurts.

Those trivial but delicate details, repeatedly in the street, the ear drift through the love songs, other lovers of the interaction 囓 bite you, you constantly doubt those who once warm, and finally seemingly faded hug, is not the blessing of heaven.

Maybe later, we won't see each other again. When we meet, we will be good people in each other's lives.

Lin Wanyu

Since the imagination and the reality can never be flat, then embrace the huge each other, go to the direction of tilt, and why Love temperance, love just, love carefully. Be able to carefully ponder the shape of love, sometimes a luxury that can only be allowed in time. To be taken back does not mean waste, nothing is in vain, since the gathering sometimes, that let cherish no time.

Love of the blazing, the freedom of celibacy, are not given to others, because more than the time is strong, is always your own.