A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. This time, practice putting the tenderness of your predecessor in your heart, and if you want to hug again one day, you will hug again. Before that, we agreed to each other first, no one should not abandon themselves. (Recommended reading: single diary: You patiently wait for a person worthy of your heart )

We're all lonely knives.
If you don't continue to hurt anything,
You can't live any longer.

Sometimes I just want to be a knife holder.
decided to take the blade into the sheath
Not to stab at others

You know we're tragic animals.
Like lies
Hurt yourself or yourself
Everyone else is leaving a dry scar.

--Song Shangqi's Lonely Knife

Dear (do not want to pass but past) lovers, I know, you do not deliberately to the thorn to me, so I chose to take the blade into the sheath .

I also know that life is not always a trip to have a trip back, sometimes, it only sell one-way tickets. We have to choose one to buy, and then to set out and try to leave a lip print on the ticket stub.

If tomorrow is the end of the world, if I can make a phone call, you will be my last record in the world. I want to gently lift your collar and put you in a safe and soft place where you have a good night's sleep.

I will put your nightmares in the palm of my hand, care, I will take your Whiskey Cup, for you to serve a cup of hot milk, I will hug you, for you wash away a thrill struggling fatigue. Then, write a poem, gently read for you, for your timid and wronged past, for the world has less to give you the courage, of course, but also in order to simply be you.

But, dear lovers, the end of the world has not yet come. So, please promise me that, before the end comes, we can never abandon ourselves.