Whether you are a man's lover, a man's red ink, or a man's brother, or still, you are secretly secretly in love with his little fan, how can this Christmas be missed by him?But a man's mind is really hard to grasp, so the little Sinorama has chosen the following nine gifts for different types of men, so that every man around you will not forget you!

TUSET Figure series message NT $1,050

VAX's product design is designed to have a stylish, stylish design, and provide a new experience in the use of the VAX, in which users can feel the uniqueness of their users.The design was designed to focus on functionality and practicality, and to provide a better security protection and waterproof system.For the unrestrained and unique men, this bag will still be very fashionable, no matter how it is.

Revolution 9 (male) NT $750

Replaces the bloody protests with rock and roll creation, replacing the violent street protests with static room revolutions.John Lennon's ideological reading in the late 60s has jumped out of the framework of music appeal, jumping into the middle of a peaceful voice.

New and new men for love music, rock 'n' roll, love world.

PHOTO camera package NT$ 380/ MY DOCUMENT computer NT$ 720

He was a photographer, or just a man who loved to take pictures, and he gave him a camera bag, so he knew that you loved him, just like he loved the most precious camera.The materials are used to prevent water, shock-proof, and anti-scrape diving materials, while the side edges of the materials are used to protect consumers' digital devices in all aspects; and the ones that are free from the computer are also able to use the computer bag!

BLOCK building block NT$ 1, 600

The building block light is a small night light full of children. The warm light yellow light rays out from the milk-white building blocks. The three-section light regulation can be changed with the light needs of your light. The second block of light is available to you to stare on the main "block lamp" item, so that you can feel the child's playable interest again.

EYE RING Eye NT$ 3,550

ring" is formed by a diamond cutting shape and a horse-eye drill. The single element often forms the most beautiful shape, with each eye having a depth perspective, and a ring like a small sculpture.Don't you dare to show me that?Let him know that you constantly look at him in the dark!

PEDRALBES Pedras Shockproof NT $699

VAX is used as a material for special material umbrellas, diving cloth, anti-splashing cloth, high density foam, waterproof zipper and external special waterproof processing material, so that the product forms an effective anti-splashing system, which can prevent the water from being splashing and protects the pen.Is he a careless person?Let him not humid the computer anymore!

Bull paper bag NT $1,280

is to have a feeling of light and a sense of shame. As for something that was thick and heavy in the original bag, it would make him stay at home and leave him with a little shame.Don't you see a big boy who hasn't used black plastic bags to carry a bag of garbage all the time?{\fnCronos \fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000:

58.6 % Envelope Mailbag NT$ 1, 680/ Envelope Mailbag NT$ 2, 800

MESSAGE envelope postal packet appearance has two faces, one of which is the icon shape of a computer mail, one is the ancient envelope, and the material is made of waterproof nylon cloth with high stiffness, and is attached to the side belt for fixing the back belt.

Monster Bag Moster Bag NT$ 1, 280

The Monster Pack has the Fashion Waterproofing and Thermal resistance, which can be a handbag, a handbag, a sports bag at the time of the swimming, a briefcase at work, and a red wine bag at the dinner of candlelight dinner.

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