FB Chief Executive Officer Mark · Zerberg is pleased to share the joy of his father on the personal wall, and announced that he will be invited to "Paternity leave" for two months.We are reminded of the two weeks' maternity leave for the CEO Yahoo, Marissa mayer, September, together with the decision to "maternity leave", and how far away from the progress of the "Maternity leave" in Taiwan.(Issue discussion: Ideal maternity leave

2015 is probably the richest year in the technology circle, where newborns are quaking, and the Maternity Leave topic is also more obvious in a more obvious way. How long is maternity leave?Do the senior executives of the company grow at home or in the company?Suddenly, the focus of attention has been on the whole world.

You remember the news that Yahoo Chief Executive Marissa Mayer released the twins' message in September and issued a statement to cut short the eight-week maternity leave, only to ask for two weeks, which has aroused the debate."Marissa Mayer has done a terrible misdemeanour, which is a setback for the issue of maternity leave," the majority opinion said.Marissa Mayer became a media target for a time.

In comparison, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was first to share her pregnancy with his wife Priscilla Chan in July, and on 11/20 he was excited about her expectations, and announced that she would ask for two months of maternity leave, which is known as good.

" Priscilla and I are ready for the arrival of my daughter.We've already started to pick up our favorite childhood stories and toys, and I can't wait to share it with her.The couple also discussed how to spend her first month with her daughter to the world.This is a very personal decision, and I've decided to take two months of "maternity leave", so that I can take good care of my child."

Research shows that if working parents spend more time with their newborns, the final outcome will be better for children and families.Facebook provides four months of paid maternity leave for American employees, enabling parents to have no immediate worries."

" As the baby is getting closer and closer, every day feels more and more real, and we're ready to go to the next stage of our lives.Here's a photo of our pet Beast and the baby carriage, and I think Beast knows that there's going to be a big surprise for me."

By contrast, Mark Zorberg · decision appears to be "politically correct", but let us start thinking about whether the decision on maternity leave is really as "private" as we thought it would be.

Is maternity leave a private decision?Mark Zuckerberg, remember he was the father of the child.

Maternity leave appears to be a private decision, but with Marissa Mayer and Mark Zuckerberg's position, this is a more "private" decision.They have to weigh the interests of the company and the rights of the family; they must choose between "parents" and "chief executive"; they must understand that each decision can affect the ecology of the company entirely from the top to bottom. This is a realistic consideration.(Recommended reading: Ideal maternity leave )

Mark Zuckerberg's maternity leave is not just a personal decision, it's an incentive to the world, "FB is a business like this, and we do our best to provide the best social services, and we also take care of the quality of life for everyone."We care about users, and we care about family."

Mark Zuckerberg's decision was moving, and in addition to FB's chief executive, he remembered himself as a child's father.And he cherishes this identity and wants to follow his children for the first month of the first month. He wants to care about the children around him as he cares about the user's experience. He wants a child not only to know himself as the FB's chief executive, but also to have a real father around him.

Mark Zuckerberg wrote down the text on the personal wall and let me feel it.At the same time, in the face of the maternity leave controversy, we should not condemn Marissa Mayer to choose to put his own interests behind to bear the burden of Yahoo's operations, but rather to create a workplace environment that allows everyone to take two months' leave with Mark Zucuckerberg.(Recommended reading: Yahoo Chief Executive Marissa Mayer's Maternity Leave is too short, and what is wrong?)

So where are we in the United States?What about the process of maternity leave?

Status of the Gulf: Maternity leave remains a false issue

According to the relevant provisions of the Ministry of Labor's Gender Equality Act, female staff should cease to work and give maternity leave eight weeks before and after childbirth.Wage pay is given to persons who have been employed for more than six months at the end of their working hours; they are paid in half the period of six months.The father may choose paternity leave on three of the 15 days before and after the date of the birth of the spouse.In addition to maternity leave, it is possible to apply for paternity leave for up to two years of unpaid leave."

Do you have the right to maternity leave, despite the express provision?Can I ask for a long time for maternity leave?Is it really paid for the duration of maternity leave?For the present Taiwan, it is still a distant "fake issue".

You are no stranger to the face of the burden of reducing or leaving pay on maternity leave pay for the "Community of Difficives", or the pressure of the female worker to deal with the company's affairs and the pressure on both ends of her or her staff to the same time.Her father, who was more naturally excluded from his "parents' identity," was a heavy burden on the female staff.More female workers are afraid of exports, and even if there is protection for unpaid leave, we are even more afraid of maternity leave and no longer in the workplace.

Looking to Norway, parents have an option to take 80 per cent of parental leave for 49 weeks or 59 weeks; while France has 16 weeks of maternity leave and more than 26 weeks for the first child, while Sweden is a parent with 480 days of parental leave, including 80 per cent of the parental allowance for 390 days.The latest current situation in Taiwan is that both husband and wife can request six months of paternity leave and give them six percent of the new baby's leave.

What do we see in the two months' home leave from Mark · Zoberberg?We are seeing the way forward in the world. Apart from the status of employees, we are also in the process of increasing the value of our people. We deeply regret that the current situation in the United States is not enough, and that the Government has also allowed the Government to represent the United States to step up its gender equality efforts in Asia.(Recommended to you: Thank you for the moms who are willing to have children in Taiwan )

I look forward to a day in Taiwan, where we can better live like a person.

As a female employee, the idea of having a child doesn't necessarily contradishpoint ; no longer worry about having children lose their jobs or lead to a bad life ; our society is more respectful of the birth and growth of every life; and that day, we believe that next generation is actually living in a better place.(Recommended reading: An unaffordable life?There are three difficulties in Taiwan: buying a house, passing a day, raising a child)