Where do you spend Christmas this year?Some people will take the opportunity to travel abroad during Christmas holidays to see the scenery in other countries and feel different from the Christmas atmosphere in their hometown. Today, we are going to tell you about the nine cities that have the greatest Christmas spirit in the United States.If you don't go out, you can share the Christmas atmosphere with people everywhere!

Vermont, Husto: Christmas Day Beautiful

Speaking of Christmas, is there a better place to celebrate than Vermont?What is more, more intense pine trees than the air here, and the ground is covered with snow?For the past 25 years, the city of Huetto has hosted the "Wassail Weekend" every year on Christmas Eve, which originated in the nineteenth-century Nordic cultural tradition.At the start of the Christmas season, the Banquet will bring together a very special event: more than 50 knights and horses, carriages and sleds, and a feast for the Banquets and the City Monuments (Wassail is a hot drink, similar to the apple wine that appears on Christmas Day).The city is even more likely to have an exciting and satisfying shopping desire: a feast, a local store that's late for business, and a showcase of the movies that often appear in the movie.There's anything you can imagine for Christmas, or even more.


Las Posadas is a traditional festival held in Mexico and Guatemala, usually held at night nine days before Christmas.The celebration was a major part of the celebration of the pilgrimage to the Christmas Eve of the Protestant Mari and Joseph, although it was a Mexican Hindi for reasons of Spanish colonial rule.Every year, from 16 to 24 in December, families in South America will take turns to hold different evening celebrations.The North American edition of the celebration was held on Old Street in Los Angeles, where the entire process began at 7:30 p.m. and the local merchant family lit candles for Mary and Joseph.

Tennessee, Pig Fag: only for

A family that likes Christmas decorations can visit a four-star hotel in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee: The Inn at Christmas Place, where any Christmas-related stuff is not short.The Cuban-style architecture is known for its all-around Christmas decorations, as well as a variety of activities to celebrate Christmas in a month, including Christmas songs, visits to Dickens' descendants, and so on.If this is not enough, the guests can also find the largest Christmas store in North America outside of a street, and the name Christmas Place is also called.

Michigan, Frankenmuth: the world's largest Christmas

In Frankenmuth, only 5,000 residents of Frankenmuth must visit Bronner's Christmas Wonderland, the world's largest Christmas store, which has half a football pitch, surrounded by the Silent Night Chapel, a 0.8 kilometer long Christmas street, and a small station that can design souvenirs of the world.The store opened in 1945 and attracts more than two million visitors a year.Frankenmuth's little name is Little Bavaria (minibus Varia), which can be found when the tourists go out on the door, leaving many of the Franck-style buildings added to the Christmas atmosphere.Visitors can also experience the Bavarian approach to hospitality in the Bavarian Inn of Frankenmuth in the hotel.

California, Solvang: Christmas of Scandinavia

The Danish city of Solvang in Southern California, known as sunny field, was established by the Danish American in the early nineteenth century, and today still retains the cultural roots of Scandinavia.The Danish capital is recognized as the Danish capital of the United States, where the traditional celebration of the Christmas season is celebrated every year, and the “ " Juele ” is a Christmas, but it dates back to the time of the Gosans, which represents the winter soles.After decorating a bright Christmas lamp on a half-wooden house and four windmills, the celebration began with a Christmas tree in front of the city hall, with the celebration of the Danish dance, music, horse parade, and even the march.

Indiana, Santa Claus: All Wish

For Santa Claus, the city of Santa Claus is a real name for Santa Claus, but this is because of a child's nod.It was named Santa Claus in 1852 because of a small boy's proposal in the town assembly; another story was that the city's original name was Santa Fe, and later found in Indiana called Santa Fe, so it was forced to change its name to Santa Claus.In either case, the city of Santa Claus is proud of its name, not just a few tons of letters to Santa Claus every year, but also the need for Christmas to be met by travelers in a single journey.

North Carolina State , McAdenville: US Christmas

Every year on December 1, McAdenville becomes the largest Christmas lantern display in the United States, and this has earned it the reputation of “ Christmas Town USA ”.For 26 days, the city was lit up by more than 375 Christmas lights, but it was not just the lighting that allowed the city's Christmas lights to show off: Over 200 floral wreks were hung up on all street lights in the city.From the birth of Jesus to Santa Claus and his moose, the church's Christmas carols and the fountains of the lake have begun to dance, all of which add charm to the small town and attract thousands of pilgrims every year.This year is the 56th Christmas of this city. The only certainty is that Santa Claus will never miss this place!

York City: prosperous city of

The big apple of New York City, which usually celebrates Christmas when it celebrates Christmas, is looking for millions of visitors to enter New York at this time to see what was previously only visible on the screen.From the Rockefeller Center to the Winter Playground in Bryant Park, of course, the Christmas show and the ballet show's "Magic Clamps," and the New York City's "Magic Forces," please remember to show your patience, and queue up on the finest boutiques and Fifth Avenue displays, but this is inevitable, as you would like to queue up in the store.Because of the lights on the road trees and the wreath on the household door, each street seems to be cheered for Christmas, just like the film scene, but New York City was originally a film scene.

Washington: Christmas of the

From 1923, President Calvin Coolidge went from the White House to the Presidential Park to start with a 15-meter-long fir light, and the President of the United States began to have a tradition of lighting the national Christmas tree.Year after year, the tree took turns in many parts of Washington, including the White House lawn, but the real start of the national Christmas tree began in 1954.In 2011, the 89th Christmas celebrations were held on December 1, and there were singers Marsha Ambrosius, Rodney Atkins, and One Republic, while the host was the television host Carson Daly and Kermit the Frog.

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