Some people love to change, and vow love to forget, " we wonder whether or not there is love in love ever since love is forever ?Perhaps the best place for love is that it's never easy, and it's never been easy.Let's go with the three love stages of psychology, walk through a suddenly, suddenly , noisy relationship, and then go further away, and every stage has two people practicing.(Recommended reading: Every relationship is practice!Seven love exercises that embraced happiness)

If love is a man who loves to love and never fuss, never quarrels, doesn't worry, no distrust, no doubt, no compromise, no compromise, no one, I often wonder, will we really be happier?

If love is the assumption that there is an absolute understanding in the world that you love you, we don't need to know how to live with another person because of being hurt in love; if love is so relaxed, would it be so precious?

In the face of the human being, we rely on the luck of love. It is a matter of time. We have to walk through the stone road of our quarrels, understand the pain of love, and believe that those scabbing wounds will be the toughest places in the relationship.

In three stages of love, we walked over the love river, and in a moment of love and in love and in the Cold War, we finally agreed to each other at the most appropriate speed.Love never only meets one person's luck, but rather is trying to protect a relationship.

Psychological exercises in three love stages, remember to remind yourself at every stage that love is actually our choice.

The moment you fall in love: Meet you, you must love you

" When you're young, you're always going to see a lot of people in the future, and you'll find a lot of people who can connect with you and actually communicate with each other.It wasn't until the age of the year that you realized that it was just a few." — — (Recommended reading: fate of fate < Love at sunset in Paris >)

When you were young, you had no reason to fall in love with or leave a person. You were after a person and didn't want to stop. It was more than you thought that love was actually more than you thought.And when you're older, you miss the phone and the stars of the night, and thank you very much for your time and your time. People are so precious. They're willing to stay for you. You can't help but feel that love has been thrown out.

When you roam in the journey of love, and when you almost give up, you know one person and suddenly feel that the whole person is soft.You can still love others for yourself, and you can feel the beating heart beating, and you move it firmly.

We often feel that the moment that we fall in love is the best moment in the world, not only because we love it, but also because we have the ability to love and have good faith in another person.I have to see you, so I have to love you.(Sibling: Love is not an accident!36 psychological problems for you to fall in love with strangers)

This is the first stage of the relationship, when you fall in love, you plan to enter a storm of love, and when you go to sleep, your eyebrows are smiling, and you are eager to learn more about him, to understand more, and to learn more about the world. We want you to be the closest person in the world who knows each other.

At this point, you cast your mind to the ideal mate on him, and so on to verify that your expectations are true.

Relationship: All relationships are not logical

"If you miss each other, you may not be together, but if one day were really together, it might be nice to start with someone else, and slowly and feeling bored, and finally calm and separated."-Roland Bart

We yearn for stable jobs and stable lives, but we often don't necessarily love a stable relationship of love.When you walk through the love of the storm, when you make love live every day of your life, you don't really like to blame him for not making your heart beat again, not the ideal person you thought of at the time.

day the love ended, and love became more and more stable. He took your hands for granted, and you occasionally started to get lazy. You wanted to live a life that wasn't just romantic, but you had to pay the bills. You were bored. You were all still practicing the roses of the rose.

As you grow older and test your decisions more and more, for example, do you want to keep a cat out of the way to survive a long distance?Do you want to get married and start talking about getting married?

Love seems to be a slow-down, but it's a dark one, and every seemingly tiny choice is about your relationship.You learn to accept differences in values, and you are occasionally interested in the frequency of the conversation, and the future you want is not superimposed, and you just want to be together, so long as you want to be together.(In the same place: [Love column] shouldn't it give up on the constant bickering love?

No one rules, and now together we guarantee that no hands will be divided tomorrow. The most important thing is that we remind ourselves that no one should be good for himself, and that every relationship is not reasonable.It is sometimes more than sweet-talk and frustrating that you feel more than sweet-speaking and willing to do so.

You used to think that what you said was that he was all noddy, and that later you learned that the solution was to be more open to each other, and that you would not build up the walls to communicate properly.In love, we are bound to walk through the most epileptic path of love, and cry and laugh because of love and learn to make concessions.(Recommended reading: The 30-year-old is a natural and thin stream!): I want a person who understands me)

Love will never be: we have given each other unlimited days in a limited number of days

There are infinite numbers between 0 and 1, and some infinity is larger than others.I am grateful for the little "limitless" of all of us, and thank you for the timeless feeling I have given me in my limited life.You gave me forever within the number days, and I ’ m graceful. " " ---

If you want to get far away, we don't necessarily feel that the promise of marriage or black and white is a permanent one, but we know that we will want to write a longer distance from someone.We want to use the word "after," and "we" use the word "we", slowly to fill a single verb in life, and end up drawing a sweet period.(Recommended to you: Give me a "partner relationship": marriage is not the only answer to love)

How long will it be?Five, ten, twenty years?Perhaps it will always be infinitely infinite in the limited days given to each other. Our commitment is a long list, and each one of them has the imagination of each other.

There is often a lot of relationships at this stage, which diverge from the vision of promise and promise.Those who say that love is unable to give promises have made you fear that love is not a result; perhaps for him, the promise is that he knows that he will put you in the heart for a long time, and perhaps the depth of his love is different from you. He is not sure whether you will be good enough in the future, for the time being too much to pass.

Love is the decision, his decision and your decision. You have to talk honestly. You don't have to wait for him to give an explanation. He doesn't need to feel like you are so tired and afraid of ; Love is a decision. It's different for the future. It's not like you broke up.(Recommended reading: Goodbye psychology: learn to separate and be able to get together )

The last love of this stage is that you can never leave this person in the future, so a fool promised to spend the rest of your life together, in the way you like it.

Three stages have passed countless questions of love, and no matter what love stage and love stage, once you have a pair of hands holding you tightly, someone let you wait, and even if it is separated, it will not be in vain.We were proud of ourselves at that time. We were born alone, but we worked so hard to build a close relationship with another person, and we would always be a better person, whether together or not, at the end of the day, whether together or not.