At the beginning of the workplace, everyone is a fresh start to learn from the new people, in the face of the unknown workplace, we would like to go with you, less disturbed. Woman fan first heavyweight career lecture, please go to p&g Greater China, vice president of communication and public relations Xu Youjie Rene and women fans co-founder Zhang Wei Xuan Shuan, talk about the career path with the Times. (More workplace discussions, all in women 's careers)

The first step is always disturbed. You feel uneasy mood out of the campus, suddenly felt that the world became great, and you are dazed, not sure which way to go, you will go the most happy.

You start thinking about whether you should go to a big company, a small company or start your own business? Do you think about whether there are any happy jobs in the world? Do you think you should choose your first job or your first boss? You also strive to remind yourself in the most elite of the young years, with the greatest efforts to find a life of the chi industry.

At this moment you are dazed and uneasy, we have all been through. The workplace is a new unknown field, we start from all unfamiliar, through the initial Binghuangmaluan, in order to stay up late, for the international conference and Panic, in order to work hard enough to fail and cry, we slowly began to find the most suitable for their appearance.

A good workplace is the place where you can always witness your growth. And those schools have never told you the soft power and work spirit, we would like to tell you in advance.

Women's obsession with heavyweight workplace lectures, please go to p&g Greater China, vice president of communications and Public relations Xu Youjie Rene, analysis of the survival of large companies, how to let themselves live out of irreplaceable weight, no longer just like small screws; and women fans co-founder Zhang Wei Xuan Shuan, details from foreign companies to go to their own business , the work spirit accumulated all the way.

In fact, you have to choose not only a job, you have to imagine three years, five years, ten years later, you want to be what kind of person. Your choice at this moment is a decision about the future you want, not sloppy. (Recommended reading:"If you are really a steed, why no one saw?") "Chen Chanfen six reminders to Taiwanese professionals."

Xu Youjie Rene, vice president of communications and public relations, p&g Greater China: Don't look at the promotion, forget the "appreciation"

"Choose a company that is not afraid of you growing up, more capable of making you grow; Choose a company that you agree with and willing to go all out with; Choose a company where you can work and trust your team. 」

Xu Youjie, is the first person to bring the Pantene to the Philippine market, leading Taiwan's Sassoon Bob Head Popular, Taiwan "p&g 6 minutes of life" activities of the important mastermind. In the interview Xu Youjie, he did not mean to share with me: "In P&g day, I every day, in learning and growth, every day is different." 」

In the Philippines, Taiwan after P&g brand marketing, Hong Kong general manager to the dissemination and public relations, now Xu Youjie, is p&g Greater China, vice president of communication and PR, but also shoulder the internal writing communication, performance management, leadership training. He always said to the young man: "Don't just get promoted, forget the value of appreciation." The value of self improvement is actually more practical than promotion. 」

Xu Youjie said, in P&g so many years never tired of this job, probably also because P&g can motivate him to continue to grow, and let him go all out of the company! (Extended reading: Xu Youjie in the heavyweight column of women fans )

Woman Fan co-founder Zhang Wei Xuan Shuan: Before excellence, need to endure loneliness

"Every opportunity, every little thing, should not be taken for granted." No one has an obligation to give you a chance, only to those who are ready at all times. 」

Zhang Wei Xuan, in the woman fan we call his eldest sister head, because in the woman fan no so-called "Boss", everyone is their own boss. After graduating from the Institute of Economics and Political Studies in London, she has worked hard at foreign companies to study film marketing while also dealing with various kinds of movie clutter. From the seal to the poster, he learned in the process that "young people should not be anxious to distinguish between big things and trivial things, but how to do the best thing at hand." 」

Next, because of Taiwan's indifference to gender and the potential oppression of women, to find friends together to create a woman fan. Because of a simple belief, the woman fan was born. By this year, women have been fascinated by the four years and still walk on the road of trembling and happiness every day.

Now the Zhang Wei Xuan, describes the woman is a fan of life must, every morning into the company, always can see her shiny eyes. Women fans of the team and she shared the belief that a great enterprise, must have a huge soul. (Recommended reading: Zhang Wei Xuan's female leadership column )