A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. Sometimes you feel that the social definition of happiness is too narrow, you have to live a single life rebellious and unrestrained, never to prove anything, but who rules a person can not be happy? (Recommended reading: only such a "happy" woman: Lin Chi-ling does not marry, social what? )

Sometimes you think the world is sick.

After the age of 28, it seems as if the whole universe is interested in releasing the same kind of brainwashing happiness to you. Fortunately せになろう, must be happy Oh!

You pick up two wedding invitations on the table, turn off a nice, sweet milk ad on the TV, and pick up your mom's regular nagging phone call "Do you have any contacts?" You are not anxious I than you also urgent, "go out and almost hit the neighbors led the children just to go home, they show you a pity smile, love you only a singular."

You want to temporarily close all the facial features, you want to family is what, I am a person alive and well, there is a pluralistic family, can not be a person to marry?

The world says, you are sick, you have single disease. You think this is simply a threat to the single, as if there is no one holding hands, single people will inevitably live a bleak, was at, helpless. (Can I hold the dog?) You sometimes have a bone to ask. )

To be honest, you are happy for all the enthusiastic friends, you often in other people's wedding someone ever to cry, in such a pure love courage before, you feel very small. Maybe you love yourself a lot, you are really not ready, also have no intention to put their own strong into the box of happiness, you like their freedom and free and easy appearance, very much like, more than you love anyone.

Your happiness is closely dependent on yourself. So don't worry about it, the world. It's better to worry about the new cheating Wei Why is it innocent? No love will not die, but drink the rotten oil will die.

You think, wait for the day I want to fall in love, no one can stop me.