The famous Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf, known for his strong works, has recently been surprised by the "blood of the royal family", all of which were produced by using human hematopoieus to shoot on the meat, and then later with the Photoshop to build the software.

Speaking of Erwin Olaf, the people of Taiwan may not be familiar with him, but he has worked with leading companies such as Levi's, Microsoft, and Nokia to advertise and business photography. The works are highly controversial, and have been exhibited at many famous art centers or museums around the world.

Princess Diana (Princess Diana)
died in a car accident on 31 August 1997 in Paris, France.

Jia Guilin · Li · Bowville · Gandidi · Onassis

The death was her husband, the 35th President of the United States, John Fitzgerald. On Friday, November 22, 1963, at 12:30 p.m., he was shot and killed by a gunman in Dallas Plaza, Texas, in Dallas, Texas.

Alexandra · Feodorovna (Russian : - Misty-Censorts)

The wife of Nicholas II of the late Emperor Nicholas II, the Empress of Russia, in 1917, the Empress Nicholas II was forced to abdicate.Later, Nikolai II was arrested with his family and was executed in Yekaterinburg a year later.

Elizabeth · Eugenie ·

The Duke and Princess of Bavaria, later married Franz · Joseph I ", became Queen of Austria and Queen of Hungary.On 10 September 1898, in Geneva, Switzerland, the 60-year-old Elizabeth was stabbed to death by an Italian anarchist who stabbed the heart with a sharpened file.

Ludwig II de BAVIERE

The King of Bavaria, Wittelsbach (1864-1886).The nickname "The Crazy Wang Ludwig".He built a new Swan Fort, which is known as the "Far Away".On June 13, 1886, Luther King II was declared insanity and was unable to process his official duties, and then placed under house arrest. On the night of June 13, Luther King II's body was found on the lake, and the official report was from sand, but historians have speculated that he died of the murder.In November 2007, someone saw the clothes that he wore at the time of his death and found that there were two bullet holes in his clothes.

Mary · Antonia Josefa Johanna von Habsburg-Lothringen)

Queen of France and Navarre (Queen Mary).She was married to Louis 16 when she was 15, and was put on a guilt-breaking stage in 1793, at the height of the French Revolution.

Pobea · Sabina (Poppaa Sabina)

The wife of the Roman tyrant Nero, who was said to have been pregnant with a temper kicked in a bickering, kicking his death.

Julius Caesar

The distinguished military commander and statesman of the late Roman Republic.In the first 44 years, Caesar became an autocratic state, and in the same year he was assassinated, ending his 56-year life.

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