Love is a clumsy practice of life , Love is worried about your cold, love is gently with you through the years of Binghuangmaluan, Love is the most lukewarm alcohol. What is Love? Look at the love of illustrator Puuung and start the constant love exercise . (Recommended reading: How long has not smiled?) 10 small exercises that make you more comfortable

Love is a sincere greeting, a hug before work, singing together the same song we Like, Love is the most important thing in ordinary life. South Korean illustrator Puuung 's "love being inSmall things" series works, painting the happiest of all.

Puuung said: "Everyone can create a link with love, love is everywhere, the most beautiful place of love is even if only a small thing in life, make you happy." 」

Honey, winter is coming, let's warm our hands for the one we love.

Love is afraid you catch a cold, want to be your warmth

Love is a clumsy practice of living

Love is even if the separation of the next or reluctant to

Love is remembering your most important days.

Love is you willing to let me play a prank

Love is to dance without music

Love is cold in the sky and you snuggle

Love is the weather we spend together

Love is the most embarrassing thing you've been collecting.

Love is the sadness that you hold me

Love is a splendid moment with you

Love is to be relieved to see you before you close your eyes

Love is what you do my second warm is

Love is in the noisy era, we do a quiet and distant people, love is a Mercedes, you are willing to stop to watch me, love is the flow of time, we still for each other heartbeat.

Dear, you say, what is love? Welcome to the end of the message, to share with us the shape of your heart love.