A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. December single is particularly cold, the lover on the road warm, your heart is cold. Like the whole street is laughing at you, love more like a virus, it is cold . (same field Gayon: single diary: You like yourself, more than you love anyone )

Autumn and winter on the road, lovers are intimate arm, he is too much to cover the flowers of the wind blowing the sea; sitting alone in the hot pot shop, a crowd of people look at you, a person's meal accounted for two people is a sin; friends are married, and the past year is not as crazy as ever; a passing Christmas tree under the girl Toot Mouth said: "This is not good, Someone else will take another one for me. 」

They love too eye-catching, stingy even the scene box has unauthorized people are not good. Love more like a virus, really let a person cold, you want to walk home at night, or catch a taxi, lest by the air of pink bubble contracted disease.

If you think so, will it just be afraid of the perfect packaging of Capitalism festival trick. Lonely disease, the crazy consumption to promote the economy, bought a dozen outdated popular goods, hanging on the body like a Christmas tree. Acacia disease, it is difficult not to be drunk can oneself stay, of course, to call the sisters in foreign work nagging some, and then a bad call to the predecessor for a pat, long-distance telephone can also pay, was misunderstood stalker, personality discount on the loss of big.

When you say you really want to be alone, the world better roll away noisy. If not for their sympathetic eyes, you would not have felt single in this winter how miserable, if not buy one to get one off the discount, you will not be alone in the quilt to bake warm holidays.

Hey, you smell, what love is warm, the weather is cold, this copper smelly season.