female fans are about to go into the fifth year, we cherish this year and every one of you meet , this year, you make a lot of moving, are deeply portray the growth of women fans, and you share not willing to miss five moments. 2015 before the end, please leave your deepest picture to share with us! (Recommended reading: the mind and practice are diverse!) Woman obsessed content guidelines guideline)

2015 before the end, you think of a lot of things, sad and sometimes happy sometimes, everything can be remembered now, came to, how difficult. 2015, what is the deepest picture in your mind? 24 per second memory carousel. Who do you think of? What kind of scenery? What kind of mood? Let us cut the one that you remember, the most precious, the most unforgettable, most memorable. Write down your "#2015 most beautiful moment" before, our five moved, also want to have you in:

One of the most beautiful moments: lovewins! Love keeps flowing.

(Photo source: Tianfu Veltzke, Rainie, Jolin Tsai, Kangyong, Tanya Chua, Leong fan page)

June 26 This year, the United States Federal court sentenced to marriage rights of same-sex couples are guaranteed by the United States Constitution. U.S. President Barack Obama also said it was love wins! (Triumph of Love). Gay love and not love, marriage and not marriage, are more than one choice, and we are free because of choice. Art People's face book stickers are also infected with colorful joy, the United States 51 states are far away from us, Taiwan Walk on the road of marriage equality despite the distance, but before reaching the end, we do not give up. Love, it's time to keep going.

The most beautiful moment two: 525 free festival, thank us for lighting each other

This year, women are 525. I love my Freedom Festival , is the first time we go into the fourth year, held more than 600 people of large-scale activities. From lectures, workshops and love of their own walls, women fans team on this day, with tears and smiles and readers exchanged a love of their own agreement and practice. "Love Yourself" is never a simple matter, this is not just vague rhetoric, this day we practice how to run our dreams, but also with the strangers around us have a real conversation. We raise our hands and promise not to give up. When we shed tears, we all laughed.

The most beautiful moment three: the best have you to share! to commemorate a picturesque cloud

September 9 This day, women fans and readers together to create a soft cloud memories, that day the sky appeared a cloud, everyone photographed their location in the sky. The same day, every angle of view out there are not the same magnificent, some people in the blue sky, some people at the seaside, some people stand in the middle of the city, this day, we looked up together to see the same sky, together with a simple happy, looking at each other's photos micro-smile, this world someone to share really good!

The most beautiful moment four:# I love traditional characters ! Taiwanese are so proud.

Childhood is always to "a stroke" and worry, the first time to learn to learn simplified characters, but also to save those strokes of time and complacent. But when they grow up, they find that traditional characters are not only beautiful, but also represent the persistence and pride of Taiwanese people for the world's last use of traditional characters. Women fans in the face of the book held "# Writing Contest ," many readers with a variety of strokes left their own handwriting, some people say that a stroke of traditional characters is the truth, simplifying but lose taste. Look at the words that everyone wrote, each handwriting, is the best proof that we have gathered together.

The most beautiful moment five: it's good to meet you! Warehouse Kitten

Early September this year, women fan paradise on the first floor of the store heard Meow Meow, looking for a long time, we finally have been the mother cat forgot to take away the kitten rescued. When I first moved here, Feng Shui division said that the location of the park will be a place to live, so that all life at ease flow, into their desired shape has always been our heartbeat. It turned from a forgotten kitten to a cat star beloved by a woman. Every existence has the possibility of luminescence, as long as the intention to see, will meet to appreciate you:

A photo, a passage (within 300 words) give 2015 the most beautiful moment, if it is you, you will write a story for 2015? Share your photos and essays with the social platform (Flickr, Facebook, Instagram⋯⋯) at Hashtag"#2015 's most beautiful moment, and mark the friends and women fans you most want to share with a fan page , and the editor will select five annual stickers, On the women's fan site to share with you, winners will have a woman fan full of the temperature of the annual surprise package!

I'm going to the most beautiful moment in "#2015.


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