Caitlyn Jenner's disenchansive storm drew strong opposition across the gender community, and we look forward to the possibility that society will embrace a second-element gender.

This is a particularly resounding name for this year.She's Caitlyn Jenner.

He has lived for 65 years with the names of the Olympic Ten Dance Champions and the national hero Bruce Jenner, which is a symbol of American culture's pursuit of power and the worship of heroes.And in 2015, Bruce got on Vanity Fair with a fresh look, and she had a brown long hair, a duped dress, a hunched chest and a slim lumbar, and she said, since then, Bruce doesn't exist, please call me Caitlyn.(Sibling): Call me Caitlin!" The Olympic Games are changing, and life will be a hero in the rest of my life )

She says, "If you don't like yourself, go like you like it.""

Caitlyn Jenner was also selected as one of the "Time Magazine" of the year, which affirms her courage to confuse gender identity with the world, and Caitlyn Jenner becomes the advocate of "transgender" when we think of transgender people, and we think of her face.(Recommended reading: 2015 Times Magazine > Year of the Year!)Merkel: "My choice is always a difficult path" )

In an interview with the magazine, Jenner's comments have led to the cross-gender group, who read out "anti-transgender" in her speech, recognizing her as the only way "transgender" to address the barrier to gender identity, and to rationalize society's aversion to the cross-gender community. In an interview, Caitlyn mentioned that she was at war with gender identity throughout her life, and that she chose to make a "good impact" on the LGBT community in 2015.

"For me, it's always important that you decide how others know and see you."For transgender women or transgender men, it would be better for them to play their gender roles more realtime.When I was exposed in front of the public, I was always very cautious. I wanted to reassure everyone.To be honest, if you're standing in front of a crowd of people, and you look like a man in a woman's dress, it makes people feel very uncomfortable.So I've always focused on instruments, and I want to look good, and I want to look glamorous, I know, when I walk out of the door, I have to let the media catch me."

Jener refers to the uncomfortable feeling of the social "cross-and-not-span" transition period, and sees men wear women's clothing and makeup, and thus encourage transgender transgender to become gender in their hearts.

After denaturing, the media is often reported as 'true woman' by Caityln Jenner, and Jenner is indeed more beautiful, and Jenner is indeed living closer to his gender identity, but Caitlitn has made the cross-gender community more free?

In a strong and powerful "man of change" theory, I am curious to see that such a "sexual change win" is a result of gender mobility or gender rigidity?When a transgender community has only a "denaturing" way of social recognition, it is able to face up to its own gender identity, and let them be more liberal or restrained?(Recommended reading: "We, the Soul can't find a home" )

And those who are rejected, transgender, non-transgender, non-transgender, transgender, and non-transgender, of course don't have to be able to get close to the "true self"?If you don't have a physical surgery, is Gender always a wall that can't be crossed?If gender cannot demarcate boundaries with "men" and "women", is it not possible for us to identify ourselves as a non-male non-male?

When many transgender people have heard of Caityln, say

' Caitlyn Jenner's comments crowd out the people who are obviously transgender people like me, but have no money. '"

"As Caitlyn Jenner's opening, I heard some" fear crossing " speech.She has encouraged the outside world to be hostile to the cross-gender group, and has rigid stereotyped images."

"Caitlyn Jenner is messing up, and she's ignoring the interlace of speech that's dangerous, why do people always ask him to speak for the transgender community?""