If you also like to see Nick Hsu 's Word, if you have ever moved or changed yourself because of his article, then January 6, 2016, woman fan of the first author of the lecture, often with the woman fans of the author Nick Hsu will return to Taiwan from New York, and share his growth in New York. Nick Hsu says New York has changed a lot of people , but New York has just taught him how to live a solid life. (Recommended reading: No matter who you were before!) New York, a city that learns to be "zeroing"

"Success is not to gain the affirmation of all, but to be worthy of one's choice." "--nick Hsu

How long is a woman's obsession, Nick Hsu almost as long as a woman is obsessed with writing?

He wrote a job like falling in love, the challenge is after the passionate period, get a high salary, we really will be happy? write to 30 years old: a complete life should not be just a marriage certificate , he is gentle sometimes, sharp sometimes, always with uncompromising posture and the world to contend with dialogue. Nick is a soft hug that will come to mind when you are in a rut, to soothe your pain, and to tell you that the road ahead is as hard as it can be.

He is Nick Hsu, a sincere and earnest writer, a long woman fan of the author, to New York as a work and life stronghold, financial background and literati temperament in his body is so harmonious thing.

For 20,151 months, we invited Nick Hsu, who returned to Taiwan, to a woman fan for the first author lecture!

He will talk about how he can survive in the great jungle of New York, and how he can get out of his career path after a job search, a job visa, a Chinese-speaking career setback;

He will talk about New York limited love and hatred, the lives of those who have stayed with no left, and never only three words of foreign love so simple;

He will talk about how the land of New York has made him closer to himself, knowing that the right to interpret life is always in his own hands.

"The biggest goal in life is not success, but someone sharing your happiness." "--nick Hsu

At the end of the year, we want to meet with you greedy, 2015/01/06 in the women's paradise, we and Nick Hsu share writing moved, imagine the days of New York, and no matter where you are, we can finally be more close to their own life. We expect you to come and share your happiness with Nick.

Nick Hsu introduces: "Every growth makes you a better person."

"The café at the corner is where Yu Sun spends their time every weekend." Years of writing time, visits to a variety of love stories, and even academic and work setbacks, compared to the colorful window of Manhattan, or more monotonous. But just like grandma's hand is weaving cloth, each time monotonous, but can stitch, sew out that unique warm sweater.

New York has changed a lot of people, but Yu Sun says New York just lets us learn to live a serious life--from the constant fall, you become your own love expert, and you learn how to be alone with the dark. January 6, "the first author lectures" Nick Hsu, New York Let me understand the world, love myself. 」

Work: Magic Sweden-10 Magic lessons To change Your Life (2011, Hua Cheng Publishing), Taipei English tour guide APP editor (2012, Hungarian Pocketguide,inc), Subversion New York-eight New horizons for Life Change (2013, Hua Cheng Publishing), Womany Gender columnist for female fans (2011-present)

Work experience: Former New Jersey stationery business account Manager, Wall Street bank risk analyst, credit review analyst, and private equity business analyst, who is now an accountant at Ernst and firm.

Education: Bachelor of Finance in Taiwan University, Master of Finance, University of Rochester, USA, Master of Accounting, New York City University

Nick's Quote Review

1. enjoy adversity, better taste success
2. each period of growth will make you a better person
3. The pursuit of stability is a belief that the well-being of stability is the most difficult to
4. successful people have been accustomed to failure, even they enjoy failure
5. slow Live is not escape, but learn to face the chaos of life to maintain calm

"I love you in New York, Love Myself" activity flow

19:00-19:30 Open Admission
19:30-19:35 Moderator Opening (Moderator: Woman mystery editor Audrey)
19:30-20:30 Nick Hsu don't share the secret

  • New York's " Survival Secret": when workplace frustration becomes a necessity in life
  • New York's "Love and Hate": those who stayed and did not stay
  • New York and "Myself": How New York makes me know myself better

20:30-20:40, intermission.
20:40-20:50 Host Questions
20:50-21:30 Scene Q&a
21:30-21:50 book time (recommended Nick's latest book: I Love you in New York )

Price: 200 RMB
Date: 1/6 (c) 19:00
Place: Women's Paradise Wonderland (No. 50th, two heping East Road, Taipei)
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