A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. Imagine, maybe there is a relationship, can not love but still important, we are not together, but still can do each other important people in life, don't overdo it, still can each to love and be loved. (Recommended to you:"After the marriage diary" 30 years old, but also believe in love silly )

Lovelorn feeling very close to death, you have lost never just a person, you are discrete is a whole hand-built world, the past and the future of the imagination is erased, the universe, there is no so-called "you".

Your feelings are yellow sand, for the moment mistook the mirage as a home.

After breaking up, you will inevitably have to resentment with each other for a while, the blessings seem far-fetched embarrassed, you entangled or insist no longer contact, in short, only one result, "you" as dependent individuals, is more and more distant things.

And until a long time later, you count the dust in memory, subtle feelings fill your body, you finally understand some emotions, you can not give up, there is no need to litter, forget never need to work hard, you want to allow yourself to be a nostalgic.

You can go to love again, and those memories can still be in time and space, and they use another way no longer poke pain you live, you do not have a dramatic burning in the past, you miss into a deep root of the tree, which is the best temperature of coexistence.

I can not deny that the small things fill my time baggage, everything should be discarded, but I clearly understand that I am that person, I still have no way to give up the moment.

Lindayang "The Tree of Youth trivia"

This belongs to you, each with the memory of the most cherished feelings, know that you have loved each other, never a pity.

Have you had a good year?

To dear, discrete, distant ex-lovers, we are still important to each other, but do not stop us from loving each other.