HUSH with the temperament of not yielding to the vulgar, listen to him talk about return to spiritual essence rather than sales of music, do happy things, let him become the capitalist class.

I can't learn to retreat, but to be a bohemian. Life is a wandering, the cardinal and the everlasting.

Hush〈 Bohemia

A lot of people that year because this song know this look is full of melancholy teenager, he came from Pingdong, when he set up the band wrote the city of depression, now he used to play the guitar hand cocoon, carved out of the city of the face of hundred states.

He's HUSH, these two years, many important and profound works of the Chinese music scene are from his hand, for Stefanie Sun wrote "Kepler" as the shock of the absence of music, to the "missing notice" Grand Slam finalists for the 26th session of the Golden Melody, for Amit's latest album Creation "Freak Show", "Bloody Love Story" Chinese music is hard to be expected to collectively expect such a low-brow and soul-shaking creator.

The sum of creation: How to treat people, how to music

"Music is asking and answering, questions and doubts." The moment of creation is to examine one's past, and then to heal others, and I have been so redeemed in music that I have been writing it. 」

HUSH gives his music three positions, namely, observers, questioner and listener: "I will allow myself a certain period of time to see life in a fixed perspective, before astronomy, now this one has fallen into the sense of the people." Observer is because I do not read, I have to squeeze a lot of inspiration from life, if you are thinking about what to write, will be very numb to life, you will find that write about the same thing, but no one can be used. "A series of propositions into his writing habits, forcing himself to look at things with the same state of the glasses, operating under the framework of the creation to make him more secure."

HUSH of philosophy, who likes to ask and communicate, says he has a particularly strong social function in all human capabilities: "I like to talk things over with people and get in touch with things I haven't thought about in the process of chatting with others." Plus I am the tarot card, it is important to clarify the guest question, I will subconsciously to clarify the status of others, develop questioning skills, so that many ideas through the dialectical process more interesting. This thing is used in the creation, I can ask questions, let others to find their own answers. "(same field Gayon: not go wrong astray, every choice of life is the standard answer)

Obsessed with astronomy HUSH said Tarot is a translation, the same pair of cards, to the death of the answer in the living person, let him train himself to communicate with others. "The listener is like the questioner, from the Tarolai, the guests ask questions, many times they have the answers, they just need to be sure." Even, some people just need company. 」

To listen to, to ask questions, the attitude of people is his creation of the structure: "We are facing a difficult, life must be love and hate, Death, death, lyrics creators like all have these problems, I am more like to do hypothetical answer." Once I went to see Jonathan Concert, think he put my heart words out, people will be so, perhaps we are writing songs in the present honest life to speak again, the listener has resonance. 」

You are the capitalist in the civilian class.

HUSH from the astronomical features, like a shuttle across the cosmic stars to Earth, with the eyes of the past to explore the world. "Opportunity and Destiny" is the first album to start with a singer's stance, he said the album stood outside the door and looked at the intangible humanity in the capitalist class: "I was first known by many people because of the Bohemian song, and I would not say that I became a bourgeois, more like walking from Bohemia to the gates of bourgeois, the world at the gate. , to see the bourgeois capitalism of our age. 」

"The capital of the poor is small indeed." Because I can not get more, or lose more, when we do not have so much strength to pursue higher and further places, if happiness is money, we have more finely happy, is not the capitalist in the civilian class? "--hush

This album is not our customary companion healing album, More like Life insights and reflection, reflecting the underachievement generation of capital on the list of life. We despise small indeed fortunately, but can not do not have a small indeed fortunately live, HUSH said small indeed fortunately this word is neutral: "We resent it because of excessive abuse, deduction of the M-shaped pyramid at both ends of the middle class people are in pursuit of small and accurate happiness, that is, our capital, as if the more we have such things, we can be happier. "(Extended reading : Taiwan's" small true happiness "behind the big pattern, real ambition, hard to emboldened )

"What is your happiness?" The album throws out questions that allow listeners to think for themselves and try to find answers. "Throw the question to the audience and HUSH like to do it in the music:" Even if his answer is different from mine, I want anyone to ask questions about himself and the world on the album. 」

Material life: I like to be moved by myself

Talking about the key words of the album, he said: Capitalism, owning, losing: "The reverse state of capitalism makes me wonder: is our definition of existence a possession or a loss?" I began to think of this because of love, many times we lose a person before we feel that he once existed, the existence of the establishment. The existence of capitalism is not such a thing, it is the more I have a sense of existence stronger. 」

What is capitalism used in love? HUSH ask yourself, is the more you have, the more you will feel stronger? But sometimes, loss seems to be an example of the existence of the opposite.

"Life is transparent, so clear, how deep in one of the dirty, and then retreat and then pursue a clean spiritual life." "--〈 Material Life

HUSH's "Material life" throws the question "under the capitalism, you pursue the good, is the material or the spirit good?" He replied: "In fact, I really like to use the angle of comparison to write things, although this song to write material life, but in fact, is to say that the spiritual, I think it is my own and a lot of people portrayal." When we are in pursuit of material satisfaction, the present is actually the inverse of the spiritual life. The pursuit of more material, the heart is empty. 」

The lyrics say "Enjoy loneliness, like you can be moved by yourself, such a night better." "It's like HUSH's Ideal of life:" I'm satisfied with my own spiritual lives, and a lot of things are in place. Feelings are not necessarily have to have, you can choose to or not, but also do their favorite things. I think I am the capitalist of the civilian class. (Recommend: Solitude Aesthetics: Learn to be alone, to enjoy a plural life )

A thank you, set me up all the way to the effort

"To me, music is like a religion, and a lover who never forgets." 」

From the band to a person standing on the stage solo, HUSH always said his music road is very lucky, when it comes to playing music, it's not the biggest concerts or the achievements of the finalists: "One time I went to Taichung to perform, and after I stepped down, a fan with a cry and trembling voice said to me:" Thank you for writing this song, make my life now not so bad. "That song, the Better Place," is a song that's a little unpopular in the album, his feelings for me is very shocking, a person with the voice of crying to say thank you, I do not know what to help him, he came to me to prove that I am all the way to write songs is right, this is I am very proud of a sense of achievement. 」

HUSH is a person who misses the details, as he does with his meticulous writing. Remember the fans of a thank you, more than the whole music to his applause. On the deepest setback, he said the 2013-year Orchestra was dissolved: "There are many things that can be done in a band, but the hardest thing to solve is always the human problem." At that time it was a big setback for me, when everyone's idea is not the same must face the choice, I chose to fly solo. The first time to stand on stage, feel a little lonely, say wrong can not help, to alone burden, but this I quickly overcome. 」

You want to dream the more stupid the better: Don't leave the retreat for yourself

"The pursuit of dreams really need courage, you have to be very silly, very disregard of a cut to do it. When a man has a retreat, he will not do his best. "

He had a toughness that he did not think was bitter. Apart from the HUSH of the orchestra, he did not feel that he had any setbacks. The so-called underground orchestra to play out of people, and even online we can see the singer orchestra, probably always experienced a very money-less days. HUSH from Pingdong came to Taipei, he felt that the difficulties of life is not difficult, but take it for granted: "The predicament is just a portrayal of life, such as writing the third person is still in school, you will live a life without money, and can not devote themselves to music, it is more like helplessness, not frustration "(Recommended reading: Desktop rock Spirit!) The orchestra 1976:"yesterday was stupid, but I still believe in tomorrow! ")

HUSH said that he had been particularly fortunate to be blessed, but he also wrote a lot of songs put, in front of the dream, did not prepare for the person did not have the opportunity, HUSH not to leave the retreat to make his turn: "Career only focus on doing one thing, you can do a lot of small things to help you achieve the biggest ideal." "That year HUSH in Kafka coffee shop, side close to his music blueprint, he walked on the music road will always firm."

Coming from the underground orchestra, there are May days ahead, Soda Green, these two years have HUSH, Chenhuiting, chasing their listeners not disappointed, important is not in the ground or screen before performing, but uphold the attitude of always telling the truth: "A lot of music festival site are doing the same thing, with an ideological perspective to say, is to listen to the minority group Voice, speak a minority mood. Why does the music season make people feel exuberant vitality? Everyone starts with life and says things that will happen to you and me. Independent spirit, it should be said that mainstream music can not say, really, is a very important thing. "

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