When it comes to gender, HUSH eyes are full of serious: "Now 2015 years, like boys have?" "Magnanimous HUSH, never live in a closet."

It's 2015: I'm GAY, what's the problem?

HUSH, whether or not facing the masses, he thinks "is really a very important thing". Agent Allostery in the side said: "He is too true, he is a runaway Mustang, found that can't control him, let him do it himself." "Mention HUSH in this year's a TICC concert public out of the Ark, Allostery said:"TICC concert front all behaved very handsome, just as I immersed in that handsome, he suddenly raised his voice to greet everyone, fans of his handsome image are disillusioned. " He was on the stage talking about marital equality, not knowing his parents were down there. "hush said at that time did not know mom and dad at the scene:" Forget it, in concert with parents out of the ark so they can hardly resist. " 」

HUSH TICC Concert (Figure/Believe music)

HUSH true, is facing their own calm: "I handsome but others, singing than I listen to a few people, why force themselves?" In March, there was news that I was using GAY dating software, and I thought about how this news was hurting me. Instead of evading the denial, I think that this matter has become my advantage, now 2015 years, like a boy how? "hush turned up his eyes smiled, philosophy department of his occasional jump off the speculative circuit, into the comic personality of the hush:" now the masses of this thing is not so cruel, the former fans will because male singers are gay and feel: "Clam!" I don't have a chance to be with you oh, I'm sad don't support you. It's really different now. I in the face book response, the next day the news came out to write: "HUSH domineering response I never live in the cupboard!" "(not the same how the true picture of gay love: love, Blood and Sweat )

After this news is the first serious talk with HUSH, Allostery said: "Usually we will give artists Management fan page suggestions, then I gave up, at most do not PO me ugly photos." 」

"If you choose to run away today, it's the male and female fans who like you, and it's like creating an opportunity, I'm not sure if it's the most motivating part of the operation." What I want is that you listen to my music occasionally, think about your own things, this is more fun. 」

I want a bosom friend not a fan: music makes us like birds of a Feather

The first time so facing the public out of the Ark, HUSH said that the proud side of his heart will first jump out to comfort themselves: "If you do not listen to my music, it is." I don't think he might be able to get help from my music and not push it. "Not to keep any fans, he likes the bosom friend, likes to understand his music person." Like the words of a flock of birds, you believe in what kind of words, listen to what kind of song, you are that kind of person.

HUSH's sexuality was discussed by the public, and he was not worried, but was thankful that he could throw out a new idea: "I am happy to see the media discussing gender, and I think it would be nice to have more people talking about the ethnic group." I saw the media report to me, in fact, I did not feel any malice. I have been reported on the APP, and I think that's what my life really looks like, and I admit that it gives me a better chance to do something different than the other male singers. 」

Marriage equality Next: Building a Gay language system

HUSH let two yuan of sex also can bloom in the sun, he often talked about gender boundaries in public, joked that he wanted to participate in the Legacy City voice, she should get the best female singers, he said: "For me these things are fun, in most cases, it is a homosexual language and grammar, Even today we will explain the relationship of homosexuality: he is more like a boy in that pair, he is more like a girl. From small to large we grow up more and more not to be disciplined, you can start to have their own appearance, you will live in many small circles, you have to go through with more people collide, to build their own.

There are ethnic groups in the group, and this has made him realize that we are still a long way from defining our goals: "We have all been blindly following the process of knowing what is right for us." The interesting thing about the gay community is that almost 70% of the people have the time to play C and play the mother. I like to speak with a feminine voice and use my mother to call myself, and I later felt that it was more of a reason to let straight people understand the gay world faster. But it often will also be the root of misunderstanding, like many homosexuals may use husband wife Mutual said, the same answer 〉MV has a bridge paragraph is the 20 gay couple proposed, I think that one sentence: "Please marry me," What is the problem? "(Extended reading: comrade's" Tired of women "complex: Dating software on the rejection of C culture )

"Marry this word has the female word next, it is not original sin, but still is the heterosexual language." If Taiwan's gay marriage is legalized one day, we still have a lot of gay language to think about. These are worth thinking about, the final goal, we are looking for a better way of life, different groups of language grammar is not the same, seriously, it is looking for everyone to their own identity. 」

Gender is mobile, and we hope that one day we can define sex with more explicit words, rather than two two-dollar absolute third party, which can only be referred to as the fuzzy subject of flow.

From the age of 11 to 30, there's no stopping the sex lesson

The first time to confirm your sexuality at 11 years of age, that is not a passion for the imagination of the age. When you were a kid, you bet with your classmates that the loser has fingers. "My whole body has a feeling of current passing through. "hush said a little shy:" The first time in that state to realize the "body" this matter, then I began to think that I might like boys. I am still thinking about my identity, have been clarifying their own gender identity, even if it is gay, there are many topics in this group, I feel that Taiwan has not yet been positioned for transgender, gender misplaced. We will only be known as Gay, Iron T, and our discussion of gender is not very much in place. 」

HUSH, who is 30 this year, says he is still probing into the doubts of many genders, because we have no system or text to confirm ourselves. It is hard for such a large group of people to have a long age to determine what they should be, and the world lacks the political right template to face these unique souls.

HUSH's creation also smuggled into the music: "I really want to cut the stereotype of gender, for example, I've been thinking about what is neutral?" I don't think it's a feminine boy or a masculine girl. For me, "Yin and Yang" and "Life and death (mature and childish)" to divide into four quadrants, you can wander in any quadrant to distribute their proportions. "hush also said that his recent video ban on television broadcasts had made him more sure that he had to stop thinking about the problem.

I want to know everything about you. Due to the review committee judges have "restricted level screen" should not be broadcast on television, the MV by Chenhongyi director Fencing, deduction of various physical, sexual potential. HUSH said that the first joke himself is accustomed to (this is not the first forbidden MV): "We go through the MV to view the Non-mainstream body, looking at tattoos, bundles, paedophilia, transvestite." We are looking at these bodies at the same time, there is also a system watching us watch these bodies. This is Mantis Siskin, there is another audit behind the audit, after all, I think it is a system, like before the Hatano knot card is also, what is the imagination of these bodies? (Recommended reading: Give the stage back to the earnest alive!) HUSH is forbidden to broadcast MV: Every existence should be justly

Look straight into your passions, that is the most basic pleasure.

Society's imagination of the body is always poor, we can only pretend to be innocent on the screen, Idol's nudity is better than AV actress's career line, heterosexual kissing than other passions may be more safe. About Lust, why can't we be magnanimous and admit that I use dating apps?

"Look directly into your passions, and a person can feel happy." It is not necessarily related to sex, such as embracing their sexuality, looking directly at their sexual desires and imagining, which is what makes people feel the most basic happiness. "--hush

I asked HUSH to talk about his "different" imagination, he said: "Everyone is different." There is a paradox: when everyone is different, everyone is the same. In the case of high school uniforms, when everyone has to wear the same uniform, you will see a lot of people start feet, do not individual needles, change trousers, those small hands and feet is not the same place. We cannot use uniforms to make everyone the same, and this society does not allow you to do different things, but they want you not to be so special. "Not as much as there is no fuss, but there are always people who can not wear uniforms, small audience, the face of the different, we have more dimensions of understanding?" This is everyone's subject. (Recommended reading:"Why do we pursue normalcy without celebrating uniqueness?") "16-year-old autistic girl's rocking TED speech. "

"Know why you are proud. "It was once HUSH's signature for a fan, he knew that the fan's sexual orientation, this sentence to him is the assurance, now he sent to each of his" strange "people who feel panic:" The emphasis on knowing, cherish and protect their own worthy of pride, to complete their own. " 」

Talk about the love of addition, don't talk about the love of subtraction

To each of the different beautiful, HUSH with the "one answer" as a far-reaching blessing. "Let them guess, we are happy." 」

About love, is always the same answer, if you understand HUSH song, because of his lyrics remembered who, because a song shed tears, you will know who talk about love is so. In the final analysis, Love is the most mediocre common language, where can be cut out so many stereotypes? I asked HUSH to share a word for the brave man. He said:

"To talk about the love of addition, do not talk about the love of subtraction." 」

"I am 30 years old, I feel that when I was young, I would lose a lot of things in exchange for love, I want to skip school, to refuse a friend's invitation and so on." Through such a bad, start to do what you want to do, in your own life, feelings should be added to the project. When you are single you do not need to sacrifice work for feelings, Love is Life "additional". 」

30 after the view of love is no longer so vigorous, HUSH said that love is like software upgrades: "With different people to deal with, seems to let themselves get new skills, has been Update himself, this is 2.0, the next 3.0." "Every scene has meaning, he said now enjoy the single, loneliness is the greatest nutrients in life, no longer like young to invest in a love, because rather than expect true love, better to treat every moment the most real."

"If there's a soul mate in the world, does it prove that the people you're dating are all wrong?" "hush in the album," London Spy "got the Experience:" If we feel that the past is wrong, very much like the reluctance to get along with each other, said that there are soul Mate, as a simple look back together this matter, I was very pure, completely want to be with you this person together. 」

A fish, a thank, a strange look, he has become a world view, the original in the daytime to meet Socrates is such a thing, I not only listen to think. He has a good suspicion of the world, he likes to contrast, like the purity of evil, like the exact happiness of capitalism.

We listen to HUSH, think he is a particularly tolerant person, very tolerant of the failure of the relationship, the frustration of life is tolerant, how to interpret other people he is tolerant. When discussing gender is absolutely strong, when talking about self-identity, gentle to wait, in the love Dimension said men are not good things, become their own way to uphold the pride of no concession.

We like, even knowing the dirty and muddy love, still willing to love the pure eyes.

"Because you deserve it."

At last he left this message to the woman who was fascinated by the reader: " This is a slogan, although it's tacky, but I think it's very real." I helped A-lin write a song called "I'm Worth It", that song is about a girl to take off high heels, to find their true self, not to be a man's eyes woman. 」

Because I deserve, to be my own best, as HUSH not give up looking for their own life in the world's most comfortable position and appearance.