"Not a film critic" back to the lake, with the word to create a dialogue with the film channels. Star Wars: The Awakening of the Force, 12/17 of the world's leading global theaters , if you are a Star Wars fan, you won't miss it! And if you are not a Star War fan, you may follow this movie on the Flying ship speed of light flight, close to the story of the universe, inventory of " Star Wars: The Awakening of the Force" of the three highlights, talk about gender, the villain story also talk about the future, in fact, "Star Wars" The series has always been a human romantic movie Ah! (Recommended reading:"Women's fans Cinema" female Force series )

The names of the memories came back, Hansoro, Princess Leia, the Millennium Eagle, R2-d2, C-3PO, Luke Skywalker, they were old, with wrinkles and interstellar dust, 30 years after the Jedi counterattack, they fought again, the blood inevitably faltered.

We have long been old, but see the Star Wars at the beginning of the Milky Way, and feel the young himself was summoned to wake up, just like Hansoro and Leia see each other still hate love.

Republican empire is still in, evil or not incompatibility, there is another name of the first legion, the young Generation in the universe, the birth of the Star Wars, the next generation of father-son entanglement is staged, the force slowly awakened, yellow sand in the machine to scavenging the heroine, she called Rui.

STAR Wars: The Awakening of the Force is the starting point for us to retrace our past and imagine the future. Taking stock of the three highlights of this episode, Justice and Evil no longer have a clear barrier, female power awakening and black protagonists summon the "political correctness" of the possibility, we seek not only in the past, but in the future.

Female Awakening, black protagonist: More "correct" Star Wars

"STAR Wars: The Awakening of the Force" this episode wakes up not just the force, but the female force that has become the hot-search keyword in recent years.

The sky and the flight is not only a man's Hegemony, the Jedi Knight is not only a positive hereditary, the first Legion senior officials have female faces, rebel forces also have female flight officer, many scene lens for women to stop, I almost feel this episode of Star Wars, how hard "politically correct."

The scavenger of the play, many times the appearance of repair machinery, breaking the "female is the machine bitter hand" of the stereotype, Rui's posture Free and wild, also exposed the obvious negative characteristics, she nostalgia, her perseverance, her tears, she does not need people to save themselves can escape, her " Heroine "package multiple and complex, her strong and weak sometimes, will be successful, will also miss, she has a stock inside she has not learned how to control the power. (same field Gayon:six dazzling heroines in X-Men )

Aside from sex, the white helmet under the Imperial Storm Mask, a fleeing Negro, he is no longer just a common slave or barbarian in the movies; the leader of the rebel Wave was played by Isaac Oscar, the important Nanche deliberately chose "not so White" face, and gave the role of a more solid appearance.

More probably, I think the political correctness of Star Wars is so obvious because I'm used to the fact that many movies keep copying politically incorrect images.

For example, I would not be surprised that a woman in the film is often pulled away by the weak, screams are more likely than others to fall into danger more easily than other characters, and then in Star Wars, when Redas refuses to pull him away to protect him, Finn, when she first drives the Millennium Hawk, when she is able to flee without being rescued. , I couldn't help but my eyes were bright. (Recommended thinking:"Jurassic World" in the Battle of Fame high heels: Run, in the way you like )

Such eyes a bright, incredibly let me unfamiliar.

In the Jaku planet of Rui Born, the importance of gender was lowered, the first act of Rui's appearance, she reached out to the unfamiliar machinery, her daily scavenging results determine her food and clothing, she is a male or female unimportant, anyway, she must be a person to do. The environment gave birth to her physical activity, she was a dirty white yarn, she lifted the hair, prove that she can no one, but go anywhere.

Exposing the villain's inner world: an unformed villain, Carol.

Decency is always successors, and villains are endless. This time the villain called Kero endure, the black mask and cloak, with a similar grim gesture to call the audience to the Black Knight Darth Vader memory.

But he was not another Dakota.

Carol was unstable and furious, angry and fragile, his thin mouth trembling, his fear of the call of light, he feared he was not as strong as Vader. The fear and anxiety that the younger generation is accustomed to "cannot surpass the previous generation" is all built inside.

He mumbled, "I will complete your mission," but think carefully, if a person's survival is only to achieve another person, it is also very sad.

He is not yet grown, but also feel the remnants of human nature, he swam in the gray area, on the black and white cable, no matter which side of the tilt, for him is like falling. He had to say good-bye to a world he could never go back to. (more can not be said, lest the release of Thunder AH)

Some people say that this time the villain is very weak, but I think, compared to the Darth Vader of the strong look pale many. Evil is not a fabrication, there is no inner struggle? Carol is an unformed villain who fills the growth fable of the villain.

Yes, no one's life is equal to justice or evil, black and white is always the result of choice, birth can not decide what for you. It's a more real and scary world. The new generation of Star Wars characters is closer to the circle, and the events are getting more complicated. (same field Gayon: Hanna: "The most extreme evil, from the most ordinary person's hand")

After the Star Wars: What you seek is not in the past, but in the future

"What you seek is not in the past, but in the future." 」

Earlier I think the Star Wars is probably not my movie, the galaxy with lightsaber fighting, is not incompatibility confrontation set, very positive father-son battle, how to think all away from me very far.

I watched the first few series of Star Wars very late, only to understand the madness of the people around me.

People love Star Wars, and perhaps never because of how fine the story is, but when the launch of the Star Wars, people can imagine the existence of the earth outside, there is a distant milky Way, is happening in our difficult to match events, more than the Human world chaos and madness of the story is in the universe, the Star Wars fill the void of people to the unknown, This is a human romance. (Recommended reading: Thepsychology behind Interstellar Effects: Cosmic Trek, Love is the final Act )

In this episode, STAR Wars: The Awakening of the force, I was struck by the phrase, "What you seek is never in the past, but in the future." "I wonder if this is the greed of the Star Wars series?" It is not as long as the memory of the past picture, not as long as you read the fight and blood, it will bring you forward to the future of the universe, seeing the role of death and rebirth, the common hope of the next series of Star Wars.

We are flying at the speed of light, and we are looking for a farther and farther future. So think of it, Star Wars is really a very romantic movie ah.