If the zoo in the vicinity of your home is a woman with beauty and wisdom, do you want to go to the zoo every day?

bought zoos A Zoo for the first time in 20 years, "she said." We bought zoos We bought a snake, fed, fed, washed animals and faeces for the first time in 20 years.Next, let's take a look at the content of Sgreta's interview with the film.

Yiu in entertainment

native New Yorker, she began his career as a career performer at the age of eight, with the Virgin and Ethan Hawke performing at the Playwright ’ s Horizons Theatre in New York.

At the age of 10, the film [Manie Sister] gave her an astonishing performance and nominated the Independent Spirit Award for Best Actress.At the age of 12, a young girl who had been traumatising by riding a riding accident in Robert Redford, Robert Redford, had already emerged as an international film actress.She then performed at the [ghost world] of Terry Zwigoff, and was awarded the Best Supporting Actress Award from the Toronto Film Critics Association.

She won the Golden Globe four times and won the British Academy Award for recognition.Recently, she was well received by her first Broadway dance drama, "A View from a Bridge", and was awarded a Tony Award.In cooperation with Bill Murray [Love without Translation] to get her to receive film reviews and win the Venetian Film Festival, the film was the second film directed by the director of Sofia Coppola, the director of the film festival.

She plays the same role as the Black Widow in 2012 [the Avengers], playing the Black Widow in the May 2012 screening.She's filming Jonathan Grosser (Jonathan Glazer, [Sexy Beast]). [Under the Skin], she's leading the lead. I believe this film will be a big screen on the big screen!

sexy clothes don't need to be sexy, charming and

the film, Sgale cast aside the erotic image and became the keeper of the suburban Zoo. The romantic interaction between the male lead actor and the male actor, Matthew Diamond, was very charming. The film director Cameron agreed, "This is her film that made her best show herself since the film."

To perform this role, Sjaly ran off to a different zoo to perform hands-on practice, such as feeding animals, cleaning fences, caring for sick animals, combing animals, helping them move up, and even picking up animal dung ….".

In the film, the costume designer Scott referenced the legendary animal research scholar and naturalist Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey to take a more modern look." These two women bring great sensitivity to the natural environment, tenderness and warmth.When I looked at Jane Goodall, I saw her so beautiful, and let me make a move."

comfortable with the " wild challenges

The interaction between Sjalds and movies and wild animals is fun!She must help her family out of more than more than 70 colored wild snakees. She picks up the glove, picks up the bucket, picks up the bucket, and makes … own special appearance."

Sgary's portrayal of the animal keeper, Kelley Foster, is a person who is an actual animal keeper who speaks for the residents of the zoo."Kylie is a very pragmatic person, a kind and a loving animal," Sgary said." She is the kind of person who has done a good job and has to do a good job without mopping up the water.The zoo and this group of animals are equal to all of her life."

, because she was naturally fond of nature, she still had three dog dogs at home. Even the first and many wild animals were feeling more comfortable.

Centilable with screenplays

Sgala said she was attracted by the screenplay and director Chloe McKenna."The conversation is good, and I'm not going to be in my head," she said, "I think this story is extraordinary, because it's a legacy of legacy."It's a family, a passion for you, a movie that you believe in.Very real, brave.It explores the fear in your heart, of which a lot of nature doesn't work, it's realistic, and it reminds people of the classic 70's."

"One of the best of Sgaria is that she's really a lover of animals, and she understands and resonates immediately.""This is very different from her usual role," said Julie Juen, a film producer.People are in the session to play an attractive and attractive beauty.She was able to show a different face in this film."Sjaly brings great human face to her role and can convey her warm blood in protecting the animals," she added.Callie is willing to fight the zoo and its animals."

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