A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. Sometimes, waiting is not a particularly difficult day, you have faith in love, you believe in him and willing to stubborn, waiting for him, you are not lonely. (Recommended reading: You make me look, wait, learn, believe )

In those years of being single, you feel that you are waiting for a distant fate, not the fate of him, but their own good to let go of love.

In those years you did not treat yourself, dating and ambiguous, some people became 贴己 friends, some people briefly passing your body meaning, some people become blurred faces of strangers. They are all very good, intimate humor, but you can not buckle the junction of love. They also say that you are good at everything, that is, the sincerity of love. You're sorry to shrug and you can't explain why.

Presumably, you are greedy want a let you look up to the person, he has his own world, also willing to understand you;
You want a soft person like you, he knows why his heart is hot, and always choose goodness;
You want a person who is sometimes like a child, will not make sense of the smile, will have no grudge to cry;
You want a person who is not afraid of you to fly, give your love is just the right temperature ;
You know loving him is like owning a home, you are no longer afraid of losing yourself in this world.

You want someone who makes you think you can be real.

There are fewer things in the world to believe in, and you must not let go of yourself. You do not compromise yourself, love can not be .

So, you naturally choose to eat more in love, suffering also have to wait for the sweet. What more can you say, you are willing to be a stubborn person. You do not know how far away from such a person, but you are not particularly worried that you are not in a hurry to meet at this moment, if later you have a long time.

In fact, you wait for his days, never lonely.