At the end of 2011, Design Milk, an internationally renowned design information website, featured a selection of ten examples of fashion and technology-practical design products from the JumpFromPaper 2D Graffiti Pack, one of which appeared in Taiwan's seventh grade designer.If you have a few of them, take them out of the door and use it to show off!


These two wooden watches are not just good looking, but their special form is practical, and they are owned by famous singers Rianna, the villain, and the APL of Black Eye Peas.

absolute prerequisite 3C peripherals

There used to be more options than form and color, and now we have a wider choice of color patterns, use of material for splicing, or direct envelope, information bag, and 3C people who can become fashionable.

Margaux Lange Barbie decorations (Deconstructed) Barbie Jewelry

Separate the head and body of a Barbie doll from the body, and Margaux Lange combines a wide variety of Barbie bodies into one piece of ornament, although the composition is a Barbie doll, but this series of decorations still gives a creepy feeling.

OSTRICH lunchpillow


One of the most powerful designs of the OSTRICH Sleepy Tool is that the most powerful area of the nap is that you wrap your entire head and feel the light and action of the outside world.

Finn Store LEG-GO High Shoes


If you are a parent of a high-heeled child who is a child of the right age, you can't miss the limited number of kids who have a different type of education, educational meaning, mental motivating, parent-child relationships, and a lot of shoes to

Moleskine ’ s 2011

The brand of traditional paper notebooks continues to be widely used, even in the era of technology.Moleskine divides the use of notebooks into three categories: reading, writing, traveling, and introducing peripheral merchandise with unique design and usability, such as glasses that can be illuminated, glasses, books, or iPads that are suitable for iPad, and so on, for example.

Jumpfrompaper 2D graffiti

Two 74 years of girls from Taiwan: Rain Rain and SuTV have co-founded the JumpFromPaper brand and designs. This series of packages, such as those taken directly from the poster, are not only hot pins in Taiwan, but are now even more popular in the Western countries. You say they are the light of the new generation of Taiwan!

> > Person Interview: Imaging of the world's imagination JumpFromPaper

Daniela Bekerman 2 through high (Ze o Ze) Shoes

“ Ze o Ze ” means ” This or This ”, this high-heeled shoes can be high-heeled shoes, but if your feet are aching, or if you need to replace your heels when you have to change your heels to the bottom, you can just fold it inwards!

Post-it Watch-type note paper

Are you used to write things to people in your hand?Now, you have a new choice, a watch-type note paper that lets you write things on paper, and then go out and go out.

United Nud (Moon Life DIY Shoes

Yes, you're not mistaken. This is a shoe, not a chair.United Nud designed this high-heel sandal of DIY for the future human needs of the moon's environment, creating a new possibility for the straps of sandals.

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