2016 Pantone unveiled a two-year color-- rose quartz powder and tranquil pink blue --that symbolizes gentle serenity. At the same time we also want you to find your own annual color! The Pantone color of the 12 constellation is coming, which color combination do you belong to? Together see the water sign the soul of the moving color! (Recommended reading:"the illustrator column" Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio: an annual selection of poems dedicated to the water sign )

Pantone combination of Pisces: Love is not pink Blue Valentine

Blues Valentine (Blue Valentine's Day) is a story of the movie after the marriage, love is always broken.

Character Color:

You are always ambiguous Lake Green, although quiet, peaceful, a small stone can stir ripples. You are the most abused person in the world, where there is a hole where you jump. No one dares to challenge your self-esteem, because you will fight back with the compatible fish tail. You do not want to be the most prominent, but to do close your eyes, others can smell your soul aroma. They say you are kind and ignorant, who do not know, seems to love you, in fact, only love themselves, is the best way to revenge the world.

Relationship color:

Hun Tun has always been your relationship, sometimes you like the sea shell clear, sometimes like the color of wheat with the wind, you can not be content to stop. The person who can make you angry is the person that you most care about. You want to live a lonely death, you can travel a lot of love, care, friendly, but only shuttle. In a relationship, surrender is nothing to you, you are often careless and you hate yourself for succumbing. you yearn for Plato's love more than lingering, can not stop the spirit of love. You will be hurt for a long time, you drill the horns of the ox into the aftershock of love. They ask you if you are not worried about the time? (Recommended reading: you patiently wait for someone who deserves your heart. )

Sorry, you love this world too much, really is careless.

The Pantone combination of cancer : The Audrey in Givenchy's eyes

In the 30 's, designer Givenchy for the Audrey Design, creating her naughty and smart image.

Character Color:

You are as warm as the milk tones of the Roman Holiday, and the tender lavender and the seductive sea-blue clash with your sweetness. You're sentimental, that's a good thing, is a stranger to a gust of wind, you can project a story. It is best not to open your emotional key, you are cute and reckless, who can go into your heart, must be your vast structure of the dream maze terrified. you cry not to admit defeat, you are sentimental, but not Lin Daiyu.

Relationship color:

You are fresh and soft apricot color, yellow, in Hepburn starring "Sweet" in the tender. You are an honest love song in the world, even the intention of the heart is gentle, do not want to easily hurt who. for the wandering of interpersonal relationships, you will gently let go. You have a single-minded obsession with the relationship, a favorite food, you can always eat for a long time, not easy to get bored. You are like a child to pay, as hurt, like recovery, believe in love, practice love. (same field Gayon: maturity is not sophistication, but no matter how bad the world is, you still believe in goodness )

You are easy to be moved, and it is difficult to give up a person, the most obsession with the sign of no regrets than you.

Scorpio 's Pantone combination : Shiweidida Swindon, a vampire lover

"Blood Lovers" in the Shiweidida Swindon Decadent and Noble, with a pride of people talk about people dizzy love.

Character Color:

You like Nostrand wine red lazy yuppie, you are the modern most alternative primitive person, others like clustering, you prefer loneliness. In such a rich world, you are single-minded dedicated only to see One direction. Scorpio especially like to tolerate, do not explain, free and easy like the warrior. You are never belligerent, only others do not easily touch the proud tail, you do not want to hurt him, is he himself hurt himself.

Relationship color:

Champagne yellow is as light as your relationship is not sticky, orange is your stability characteristics. Friends you are heavy quality, not weight, love and better do not abuse. It is rare to have a few true feelings with you in your life. Your emotional field is neat, do not love sticky worries and ambiguous. Your hot feelings hide more than anyone else, if the scorpion in front of tears, his whole world is let people disintegrate. Once love, the Scorpion is willing to burn for love into an ember. (Recommended you see: Love in the "equal": choose a person who is willing to understand you )

The scorpion's thoughts are as long as Simompova's "Yue Yang Love letter", he never just brushed past.