Speyout New Year's New Hope, then strive to achieve it!
Hsu's new year of hope?The new year has always been a fresh start, and every year we are looking forward to the new year's new year's hope. Although the year after year has often been lost, the new year will be another New Year's hope.Let us tell ourselves some of the small steps that are forced to force themselves, and to inspire them to realize their aspirations:

1. To allow those who are really important to us to do so.

If you really want to achieve something like a little friend, learn a language, write down 10 kilos, if you really want to realize it, the wish that you wish must be a really caring one, otherwise it's easy to accept a status that doesn't become a wish.

2. Plan your plan.

Everyone knows that change is difficult, so they must force themselves to change their behavior. If they want to slim down, set a plan for a week to go to the gym or go jogging, and if you want to make friends, set a plan for a month to meet a few new friends, perhaps it would be a little bit of a little bit of a job and an embarrassment, but when the plan becomes normal, it will become very natural.It is best to set up a plan that can be measured on a regular basis. For example, if you want to have a 10-kilogram lean year in the next year, you might as well focus on one month of slimming down one month.

3. Find a like-one companion.

Athletes' collective training is often more effective than their own training. If you want more sports, you can find a sports partner to jog or go to the gym.If you want to read more books, you can find a partner who goes to the library to encourage each other.

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4. Speak out the aspirations of the target!

Tell your friends and family members that they are willing to give love, and what is important is to say that the desire will be made more motivated by the desire to achieve it, because it raises the cost of unwillingness to pay, including psychological costs (increasing negative perceptions of oneself), and social sentiment (see how people think about it).

However, if the skin is very thick, the following website should be more helpful: StickK.com (Address: http://www.stickk.com/ ).This is an experimental economics website founded by Dean Karlan and Yale Law professor Ian Ayres at Yale University, Jordan Goldberg, a student at Yale University. Economics tells us that when people gamble on their reputation, or money, they can achieve their goals.

If the role of reputation is not big enough, then gamble on money.The website is very simple and easy to use, which is to write a desire to write a goal, give a credit card number, and write down if the aspirations of the goal are not met, and that it is hoped that the money will be used.(We can choose a charitable organization that we like, but perhaps a hate better motivating goal), and then choose a fair person to be a referee, and this would test the results of this at the end of it (if not, credit cards will be withheld directly), and other friends can cheer for the cheerleader.There are now 65,000 wishes and $670 million in bets on this website.