Last weekend, Zhang Hung (Jiaoan Pu) appeared at the scene of the witch sacrifice, the tide of proverbs after her temporary stage, leaving the "Zhang Hang" name, she looked forward to return to "Jiaoan Pu" to do what she has always wanted to do the sound experiment. We miss Zhang Hang, because nostalgic, because of cordiality, the witch shop back. Jiaoan Pu Open after Zhang Hung era, whether you shout her Jiaoan Pu, Zhang Boss, Zhang Hang, she is just their own. Non-idol, nor is it an icon of the times, An Pu is our generation's best friend. (You will like: Zhang Hang, chan, Wei!) Eight reasons to fall in love with an independent woman )

We like a woman like Jiaoan pu , like a friend who can make you grow up. She was aware of herself and was digging into the environment, and she said it was hard to change, but let's not be sad. During the sun-flower movement, An Pu because he was outspoken by the media to create God, she chic to the community said, I now say every word, please you all think about questioning.

As an idol, she is very dereliction of duty, do not grandstanding, not much to host large-scale concerts. An Pu once in "A book ISSUE" interview said: "I do not agree with others envy me, I only hope that my songs, can accompany them into a can find themselves, like their own people." A person who knows how to like himself must know how to love others. If you want to be treated , you must treat others well. 」

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Life is best not to have role Model, An Pu is not an idol, she is quiet and stubborn soul, she is humble hum song to life, the sincere music to the Times, dedicated to the world of loneliness and confusion. To be a person you like, is her most profound blessing to the world. About An Pu , you always love, the long night, in addition to her good songs, and An Pu Talk about those words, those who laugh at her self-deprecating, is the compass we lost. (You will like: The best, always on the road!) A single travel song with no one to see

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When I am at a low ebb or feel lonely, I will understand that I am closer to the naked side of life, then my heart will calm down.

Jiaoan PU

In the "LEZs" interview, An Pu Talk about loneliness, a lonely to himself, in order to dock in their own time, let butterflies fly. What else is more important than being close to yourself? Loneliness, closer to the core meaning of life, you and yourself dialectical, dialogue, reconciliation. (Recommended reading: 20-Year-old wandering: In the city to become more lonely but complete people )

In such a noisy day, fortunately we all can maintain the complete loneliness.

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"Find a certain direction or position, with their own comfortable attitude to bear yourself." 」

Written in 〈love,new year〉, An Pu said this song to the world still have hope, just don't know where to go now. Gentle to take their own good and ugly, learn to forgive lost. Because you are such a person, listen to the song of Tears, Think of the past will regret, we are the first time to come to this world, hard to experience this life, do not embarrass yourself to become a social hope you become a person. Your comfortable position, only you know

"Let the tears fall, then turn around," said the export, we miss, let the good or bad bear fruit. --〈love,new year〉

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When the state is good, the pursuit of perfection, the state of a bad time to pursue integrity, this is the life ah.

Jiaoan PU

Perfect is the pursuit of a good, integrity is good and bad all want, more close to the "Love" shape. The ups and downs of life have become a unique clarity or gloom, she said: "The years of life no matter what happens very good or bad things, you can feel the limits of a thing, such as extremely painful, very sad, or great joy, this is the blessing of life." 」

Body and living, can be a person to concentrate on tears, laughter, how valuable.

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My friend once told me that the best way to know someone is to love them without hope. Then I said, the best way to know yourself is to love someone without any hope. Including yourself.

Jiaoan PU

An Pu Song, we think of love when listening, lost the courage of love to listen to, it is a sincere love song. Careless look back word, brush buckle or melody, let the mood or brow spread out all over the sky.

An Pu 's lyrics are always forgiving, understanding, and compassionate. About leaving, sad, too late to the story, she took a smile to cherish goodbye. The sea in her heart was warm and generous. Love without hope is the most humble love, in the coming and going, for the love of the people sincere dedication, that is, the day must be sincere farewell. (same field Gayon: notes of menstrual cramps: "Hundred Days Farewell" body loved the scars of Pain )

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"Young people are too vulnerable to social intimidation to tell you that you want to be beautiful and impossible, but the longer you live, the more you know that good things are not easy to do, so many people give up, don't they?" 」

The road to success is always not crowded, because few people can walk patiently. An Pu has been loved by young people, she said in the language we know: You can be dissatisfied, fight, fight, challenge. If someone tells you that you are too different and strange, you can confidently tell him that the difference is beautiful, we never have to be the same kind of person, so that we have the machine will feel different from each other.

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"An unforgettable thing, just like a person who must love in a lifetime." So we'll never, ever hold him. 」

Written in the rosy you, this song on many social issues, for An Pu is relatively experimental, can say the small in the dark, she cherish this precious. To change the leaning society is not to criticize the superior, but to use more and more love to contain the less beautiful dirty.

An Pu concerned about social issues, she remembers a young man who scolded her: "A daughter of a KMT official knows nothing." "Since then, she has a deep understanding of each topic of concern, after the passion of social transport, she did not stop working hard, to spend more effort to understand the social structure of the imperfect."

Remember An Pu Voice in the sonorous, we love, pure tenacity of rose, everyone in the heart of the most clean and warm a touch of red.

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"No matter who your imaginary enemy is, or who the world wants you to compare, in the moment you try to glow, you are just yourself." "

Talking about "doing yourself", she thinks of this civilized society, it is easy to do, society can load us unconventional, dyed a hair to say different, wearing the most eccentric clothing, it seems to be "do their own" image, she felt the hardest is not to do their own: "Do not everyone's courage to ask questions , not even a problem. "What kind of person is willing to be" is the hardest thing. 」

What kind of person would you like to be? On the way of goodness, can you endure? Do you know how to be lonely? Can you see and admit your mistakes, An Pu , with a song, turn the right of thinking back to everyone who wants to be himself. (Recommended reading: The best love, will make you your first position )

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Green Peak said: "With me, you will always see the moon, but you did not find that you are the moon." Lonely in the black space when flowering, of course, I deeply need you, light to keep you forever. "
An Pu said: "I am an oyster, I have wanted to be with you, but I know that should never try to do that." I can't leave my shell, but you can have my quilt when you need to be warm . "

Some people say that there is a kind of friendship called Zhang Hang and Green Peak.

Oysters are like when we are helpless, we have an inner child hidden in the most difficult to touch the place, small, but full of unwilling to spoil the pride. It is narcissistic aloof, is also soft inferiority, used to resist the world, do not easily change us.

Qingfeng and An Pu , they know each other's pride and weakness, quiet do the other side want to escape when the ferry.

Written in the witch sacrifice, faded old identity, Jiaoan Pu stubborn come, still we are familiar with Zhang boss, such a friend, let us know how to live with dignity, how to retain the firm and the soft heart.