What is a woman of independent department? She may like indie music , rock and roll, and you usually find her at Live House on a holiday night instead of a nightclub, she always holds a critical eye on current affairs, does not easily obey rigid rules, she does not dislike the mainstream, Just like the independence of the original spirit, share with you eight of the reasons you will fall in love with the independent Department of Women. (Recommended reading: Love is not independent also does not matter: dedicated to the habit of your strong you )

She heard from Aerosmith Wu Bai, she from Nirvana, Oasis came to Pulp, no matter the small fresh healing, tough guy rock or light electrons, shake before shaking, she did not listen to the type, but through the voice of the soul! Like independent music, she also worship idols, also because see Zhang hung himself excited tears. She's just not ready to be bought off the commercial music language, she just tries to find the cleanest traces of the soul in all the original music that is not interfered with.

She may be obsessed with rock music, always nostalgic the classics as she treasures the life of every passer-by, she likes to go to live house beer with a live show after work, listen to the tough brush buckle she can always believe the world will be better. Why do independent women make people infatuated? Share with you eight reasons why you will fall in love with a woman of independent department:

She believes in pluralism, independence and the mainstream is not antagonistic

"We live a lifetime, we will do our best for this independent life to say every word of the heart." --Zhang Hung

She does not see the mainstream and Non-mainstream line, as long as in music to hear her heart, is good music!

She's not easy to be free paste labels, music No Boundaries class, like independent music she just more carefully to listen to the voice of society, she crossed the mainstream music and Non-mainstream music line, at ease in the voice of love to flow! Such girls know how to listen, to respect all kinds of things, and always full of curiosity, compared to the popular music rankings, she is more keen to select a record of the temperature, perhaps some night, you will be in the White Rabbit record line turned to meet a select album of people, is her. (Recommended reading: The record line in the city: Sing a song for the Lonely Soul )

She enjoys being alone and likes to keep space between two people.

"Everyone needs to be loved, to find their own sense of belonging, some desire to embrace the world, but only know who they are, eager to be loved, can not lose their own when the real embrace of the world." --chan

Don't worry, she's not interested in your intimate frat party, and she's not the kind of girl who will wait for you to finish the game on the basketball court.

She would spend an afternoon repeatedly listening to an album, she would be in a song quiet tears, she will shed tears after the smile to continue to live. Such a girl cherish life small touched, she likes to write letters, like collection CD, she has an outdated atmosphere, like to soak in the ancient rock. She didn't think about how to live with society, just keep practicing with herself. "See yourself, see heaven and earth, see sentient beings" you think she is not the WTO, is the most understand the survival of the law of the people. (same field Gayon: Solitude Esthetics: Learns oneself alone, can enjoy the plural life )

You can understand life together better.

"People who like my music seem to have an old soul," he said. --Wang Junjun

Sometimes you may be overwhelmed by her philosophical reasoning, but you have to believe that people who know how to comb their own lives are worth your patience. She slowly understood herself in a deep and deep way, and her soul was deeply unexplored, and psychology proved that self concentration contributed to the growth of the relationship, and that the inner concerns of those who were linked to the outside world were more aware.

To be true to herself, she will know how to treat the people around you, as she understands herself in general. She can always bring you a fresh view of the world without stopping thinking. You not only discuss love, but also know life together. (Recommend you: The girl to the future boyfriend letter: Your Love will let me grow?) )

You can be a quiet person with her in times of ups and downs.

"Only quiet, can hear oneself and oneself say of Whisper." I give you, is my quiet. Wei

She was worried about not getting a holiday contact? Rest assured, she is safely on a piece of turf listening to music drinking beer to spend a good afternoon! (same field Gayon: wild berry, cheese, lawn, music Festival!) Music Festival with Patti Smith in Sweden

Want to ask her out? Live House or the weekend music festival is a better choice for a higher standard! She does not like in the nightclub people crowded, would rather at the music scene crowds listen to a good song of move. She hated the emptiness of the excitement, and chose to end the song, keeping her heart quiet. Together with her to explore the music of the world, with the melody to understand each other, it will be you and her 0 distance time.

The criterion of her life is herself, not you.

"We are becoming adults, but we have a chance to become better people every day," he said. --chan

You asked her about her first anniversary together? Why don't you ask her about the date of the next music festival.

She is not the kind of girl who is too cooperative, don't think she is easy to cooperate with your life. You don't have to worry about her ambiguous after the breakup, when you are still hesitating, she has set out to find the meaning of their life. Love falls, she will not have a life, because it is only one of the etudes. Girls who often think in music know their goals better, because they find their spirit and heart in an independent music that is more understanding of the life level. (Recommended reading: I get my first job in life when I was 9 years old!) The Danish super Independent Happy Life mode )

She's not going to stop you from drinking beer, you're going to toast.

"There is no grassland, boundless only blue sky and white clouds." --ke-min smoked

Grass with beer, music sacrifice the most fascination! This girl will make you feel comfortable together, drink without taboo, listen to rock and roll a drink. Mat is a music feast, blue sky and white clouds with music, breeze blowing, she focused on the side of the gaze to let you heart.

To discuss interpersonal stress in Adler Psychology, we care about a person and are more likely to behave in a manner that violates one's own mind. She is good at understanding that you don't have to pretend or force yourself: "Separate yourself from the subjects of others, and do not manipulate and interfere with each other." When we have no longer force ourselves, the courage to ask others, we will have a more comfortable interpersonal relationships, mutual assistance and encouragement. "(recommend you see: do you have the courage to be hated?" Adler's psychology brings us to the six small revolutions of life )

She has a critical spirit and is not easily domesticated.

"Young people do not need a model, what to do with the model?" --Zhang Hung

Independent music has a kind of underground feeling, the 21st century today independent music no longer refers to "marginal subculture", but refers to the independent thinking spirit, it is more equal to mainstream music. It is not easy for the social unreasonable rules of domestication, not flattering the ecology.

The Independent spirit of her relative to defy the right of pride posture, you will fall in love with her absolute, she insisted on the right posture. She was able to discuss profound insights and not be afraid of confusion, because thinking would make her try to find order in the chaos. This should not be just a obedience of the world, with her to do a separate speculation, the times to speak bravely. (Recommended reading: Everyone is the age of the media, what is your media principles?) )

She may be stubborn, but you have to understand her weakness.

"If you can understand the huge morass I'm in, maybe you'll hug me softer," he said. Huang

She might look cool, but it just looks like it! High Contrast girls sexy very attractive, they are sometimes wild, sometimes sweet, sometimes lazy, you think cool she is actually stupid can, only to love things special persistent, other is small confused.

She likes to show a strong character and not be easily replaced, as she loved the music. So you must see through her tenderly, and don't open her protective shield lightly, unless she wants to unload it herself. Leave your relationship a little distance, love more comfortable. (You will like: in the relationship between two people learn from: "Dear, to talk about a single love!" )

Independent women, we love her distinctive temperament, but also love her in love slim. Don't yell at her. Small Wenqing, alternative, Non-mainstream, it is just a beautiful slogan of excessive generalization. Her beauty is in her never really belong, only belong to herself.

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