A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. Life is not only love , there are many things can be infatuated. For the single woman 's fetish notes, let's love the details of life more than one wrong person. (Recommended reading: single Diary: Love Is what all mind, finally what all forgive )

People's love for things, is a kind of emotional projection of their own feelings of the leisurely. such as watering flowers, rain.

Stroking the thorns of a meat plant, like touching a person's appearance, looking at a cat's eyes, like a gentle look through a person, feeding them, like tame their own soul. Meet a pot of plants, imagine it is riding the scent of loneliness come, meet a fish, imagine it is with your tears from the sea.

We love things, in fact, are sympathetic to themselves, compassion for themselves, comparable to the narcissistic, you have to appreciate that elegant but no one to see the beautiful, like the whole world fell single you.

You will ignore the PM2.5 mingled with, a brisk drizzle, the wet hair metaphor for the heart of the metabolism, causing a heavy cold, you still say thanks to life, let me a sleep to full of leave. You will gaze at the stars or the sea for a long while, until the eyelids are heavy and you can no longer recall any thoughts. (same field Gayon: single Diary: Our injury, one day will be good )

Others say you are lucky too much from the imaginary little life, but the fullness of their mouths is too far from you. You even thought, the so-called lasting, is not moving the locomotive also hard tread life bar. Why do we have to share with whom?

You do not want to easily misunderstand a kiss, a dinner, an ambiguous smile. After a quick two-hour love movie in your heart, he said Goodnight see you next time. It was just an ordinary night cold water, you have been drenched too much.

Life is not perfect, but it does not mean it is not beautiful. Look at the beauty of your life part of it, otherwise, we will always have the envy of others life.

"I may not love you"

Instead of assuming love, you are willing to put a lovely joke on the object. This month, a few more people feel distressed but symbolize the year-end bonus package bar.

A person's romantic more practical, love oneself, too good.