A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. Welcome to the 2016, don't walk with the regret of love, you need to forgive not only him, but really forgive yourself . Let us truly feel free after forgiving and letting go. (Recommended reading: After leaving a relationship, hug and forgive yourself at that time )

"All these years, how are you?" 」

has not been able to say that the good, in 35 years became a mute, also became you always love not a person's injury. The most bitter is not no longer see regret, but look forward to the good bye.

That year, you have a lot of stories to continue to write, many nights worth spending, many plans too late to achieve. Forget who is the first to go far, another person eager to stop, a rub body, is a lifetime so long. Young recognization dream, have become a silly nonsense, you later live in the absolute can not imagine the ordinary, at the very distant ends of their own walk.

You think of him in the lonely morning after a lot of revelry, you will listen to his favorite rock music, he will pass by you often go to the coffee shop, the difference between you pick up the phone distance.

"It's a pleasure for me to wait for you not knowing when to come--" 5 nights 9 "

Later, you pass by other smells, no one like the aroma of sun-warmed quilts, you were dumped a few times, not like the first time earth-shattering. You have a lot of muddling along to talk about love, a wall in your heart let no one close to your spiritual core.

You owe the years an account, owe a brave at that time.

forgive not to tell, forgive not to insist, forgive young and absurd, forgive worry too long, forgive him, forgive your pride and freedom. Gently untie the knot, so that the doubts and apologies have been relieved to go. We decided not to hold the guilt of the lover, no longer dragging regret forward. 2015, forgive those who have not too late to say good-bye.

If this is the last day, do something good for yourself, I know you can always recite his mobile phone number .

"But I forgave you, like the sea forgave the fish. The tide flowed in the moonlight and said, I have forgiven you. -Reiguang Summer, forgive