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appliable WW is prepared to provide you with a review of the events that occurred in 2011, looking back on the events of the year 2011, expecting you to be happy, healthy and aware of how to protect your status and face the arrival of a new year!

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is becoming more and more experienced by the television set , and the pregnancy rate has been rising in the last 20 years. B: The Pharmacy and Poisons Board's policy on ex post contraceptives is lawful.

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This year, the tech industry has reversed the stereotype of homosexuals-who are seeking services for single heterosexual men, who, of course, will not be out of the closet and speak openly."Grindr" is a popular app for homosexual men and later attempts to release the heterosexual version of "Blendr" in a heterosexual world.Bisexual version "Blendr" is not a "bed," but rather a "friend" approach to attracting single women (when the original editor Ann Friedman tests the app, it becomes easier to open the topic), or perhaps a worker would be better able to meet in Grindr than in Bromance, whose main appeal is that of a bed.On this app, men and women can all comfort each other.

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Women have never been such an argument, or what has the Internet popularity of James Deen (an actor for young porn) have risen sharply in the youth sector?Deen was not the lead actor in his film, his partner was, but a group of young tribal clients happened to focus on him on the famous social website Tumblr. They reprinted the Deen's film, past pure photographs, and some of the special scenes that gave them the boiling blood: he looked at her, touched her, looked deep in her eyes, whisper in her ear.It is obvious that some women really like porn scenes, and they just need something more than a dildo-like tool.

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This year is AIDS for 30 years, but the official focus is on a different issue-the human papillon.Today, about 20 million Americans are infected with one or more of the human papilli virus, and an additional 6,000,000 people are infected each year.The spread of the virus has made the moral values of the American society more complex, and the prevalence of the virus's universality makes it more widespread-any race, class, and sexual person have the opportunity to infect.It would be even more difficult to keep people away from sexually transmitted infections, if the virus was generally considered as one, but it would not stop the exercise of official power.While vaccines against the most lethal virus have been widely recommended, many parents refuse to let their children fight to prevent children from having sex too soon, but if the children do not fight now, it may be too late-40 % of the people will be infected within 16 months of sexual intercourse.

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Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain reigns the controversy over sexual harassment at the workplace, whether the scandal is true or not.Cain publicly issued a brief statement denying all allegations of sexual misconduct (Cain was harassed by the National Restaurant Association as chief executive officer, one of whom said Cain was interviewed by her: "Put your hand in my lap, touch my lower body, and then grab my head close to his trouser."This accusation is forcing people to re-examine the sexual harassment that is caused by the improper relationship between the United States and the United States.In 2011, a Republican who supported Republican men believed that this was true for the Cain allegations, while critics of both sides continued to argue that the matter was a real black-screen or a sensitive woman's fantasy.However, the incident was not enough to undermine the Cain campaign, which was made public only after another adultery scandal broke out.

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2011, a high-weight man on the international dance panel accused of rape, and this message boarded a wide range of articles.In May, a waitress in a New York hotel accused International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn to rape her in the bathroom when she was working; in August, prosecutors dug up part of the history of the waitresses to force the charges to be revoked.The accusations against Strauss-Kahn in the interim have also broken out a number of bizarre arguments and excuses, while public opinion tends to support the holding of Carn.

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This year, Mississippi defines the fertilized eggs as a form of human life.The main purpose of the vote was to amend state constitutions and to discuss some of the virtually impossible bills: could embryos apply for health care cards?Is abortion a criminal case?The conclusion is that the gimmick trumpates the actual effect, but it is also a reminder that the majority of citizens in the United States believe that the body should be collected by the state at the moment the woman is pregnant.

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