A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. A letter to the future lover, let us have a good injury , good to fly, a good fall, with their own history to come, and then meet well . (same field Gayon: a love letter to a future boyfriend: we will meet, in the best of life )

To my dear you,

I know I will not meet better you, only one day, I can understand love can't afford too much sentimental, the last love, is not too much toss and surprise. At that time, we all can meet a just good love.

I heard people say, "love the most appropriate appearance, like wearing a pair of good shoes, you do not feel it, as if it is barefoot, it can accompany you to the distance." 」

It is possible that we have a lot of brush over during the period, you may be one of my colleagues familiar with friends, we have played several times, but in 10 years after a casual moment of heart. Perhaps, you are the person I loved, at that time my clumsy let you are covered with injury. Perhaps, you still in a painful penetrating relationship in the experience, in the future we will take their own history, meet, love.

I hope that you can talk about a few more relationships and meet a few more girls. You will build walls of pain and feel a lot better from them. I expect you to go to the wider world to take risks, one day we meet, there will be many stories can be forever said. (same field Gayon: broaden your horizons!) 15 reasons why a woman who loves to travel is the best girlfriend

I like VCDs "The penultimate Love" dialogue: "The so-called Life, is to go with the future of their own love." Love your future, you can have a fun life. If you love someone, do not think this is the last love, but should be the penultimate love. "The last time we fall in love, the relationship doesn't become what we want to be, we can love it more."

I am not anxious, I wait for the never you, just a good time. At that time, I will put down the obsession with the past, focus on gazing at the distance with you, at that time, I am no longer a need for mysterious supply of love, I will use the most honest do not adorn appearance to meet you.

In the vast sea of humanity, one day, we will put down their hands for each other's map, ease of descent.

"Want to fly into your world, want to land, in your skirt, want to hug all your feelings, want to live in, you last stop the end." 」