A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. Do not blame their loneliness , your lonely clean, not greedy not to rob, no one's site. You live your life as if you're feeling neat and clean. (Recommended reading: single diary: True Love, will not let you always say "I love you" and "Sorry")

Love is a dream, but not to sleep too carefully.

" I lie in bed, looking at the faint sunlight, I always fall asleep when I should not sleep, and always wake up when I should not wake up." "

People have this kind of time, hello Sorry, sorry is your incompetence, let friends always on holidays, worried that you are not a person. They are so hateful, but will you be the one who really has a problem? Otherwise, how can you always end up like this?

You think so, loneliness is self-inflicted, hurt, you are a moth to the flame. Friends laugh you know people are not clear, they do not understand, you have spent a lot of energy to convince yourself not to love him ah. Every time they listen to you complaining about repeated failures, they're all in a trance. Those friends seem to be "how you are still the same" topic, but every night like ghosts dormant in your nightmare panic.

They always love in the feelings of bad when they find you this single ghost, drank two cups, the sisters cry to call that because of work forget to pick her lover, half an hour later, she staggered, with half a line of tears, sitting on Valentine's car. They laughter, and you walk home sober with other people's incredible complaints.

No one knows how hard you are, in your world, no one to lead you to the distance, you forced yourself no retreat, you can only grow, brave, do not fall, with the fastest speed of their own appearance intact. You can't be too drunk because one person is embarrassed on the road, and you have to watch out for people who are good, because you know how absurd it is to wait for meaningless.

Your loneliness, not your fault. You laugh at yourself, people are far away, waking up is not a good time. But your back to know after sleep, is I think you very beautiful place. People are anxious to talk about a relationship, and you are too conscientious to clean up the wreckage of the past. Before a barren time, please remember to turn around me.

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