At the end of the first Nick Hsu author Lecture , we invited the Lu Yijin Financial news anchor to share "the courage to change." The road anchor says, the thing that life really wants to do, prepare 40%, add a little impulse to start is enough. This time the author lectures, she will share Yong Chuang City's self exploration, and brave change woman story. Sincerely invite you to come and take away more of your imagination. (Recommended you see: from Beijing to see the world's footsteps: Taiwanese, please hurry up to stand out )

What do you think of your 2016 years? wish to have a better year at the same time, ask yourself: "What changes have I made?" 」

Women fans of the second author of the lecture, we invite the East Sen Financial news anchor, at the same time for women fascinated by the author of the Lu Yijin, and we talk about the courage to change. She will share her life experiences in Taipei, Beijing, Hong Kong and New York, and the courage and strength of the female models she meets.

Lu Yijin introduce: force yourself to accept fear, jump open the comfort zone

East Sen financial anchor,Tedxtaipei host, TechCrunch 2015, 2014 Beijing International Innovation Summit bilingual Moderator. graduated from the University of Taiwan's political department, Harvard University and Stanford University exchange students. "The world is too splendid, please come out quickly--30 the courage and challenge of generations"

many people know Lu Yijin because of her identity as an anchor. After walking down the news station, she explores science and technology, crawls the world pulsation, the fine truth inside. Busy Life Road anchors continue to write , hold lectures, run Campus tour, with a variety of dissemination power, tell young people what Taiwan is facing a world.

In 2014, she left many girls ' coveted prime-time anchor posts. Give yourself 100 days to rebuild the coordinates of your life in New York. Now she has never stopped leaving her comfort zone to return to the East Mori financial anchor.

"Forcing yourself to accept fear and jump off the comfort zone is not the reason to expect to find the newer and better of yourself and live your ideal life." 」

"If it doesn't change, 2016 won't be better. "Road anchors with gentle ambition, encourage Taiwanese young people to move forward." This time, she will share the Adventures of four cities in New York, Taipei, Hong Kong and Beijing. These years of experience in the international movement, let her know that there is never full preparation, as long as you have the idea, do 40% homework, you go. "Body or heart, at least one on the road." "This is the hope and vision that the road anchor wants to share with you.

Lu Yijin: What would you do if you were fearless?

"I would rather have a hard walk than to stop being numb. --Lu Yijin

in this event, the road anchor will also lead people to ask: "If you have no fear, what will you do?" " do you expect 2016 to be different?" he said. Have better exercise habits, more hobbies, more adventures, more intentions of the lover? in the back of the desire, listen to the story of the woman living their own posture, all the mind, from the change of action began. Change, is a reckless departure, is to the stranger said Hello, is to lose their stable life. Change, because we want to live more worthwhile.

"Unfortunately I am not well-behaved, I am disturbed every night to create when doing, feel oneself from inside to outside, pale and hungry. I don't see the point of endless political party rhetoric, and I am also very afraid that I have become arrogant and selfish, stop in situ, no progress. --Lu Yijin

If you're the one who doesn't want to stop, the courage to change, if you're leaving the comfort zone, if you're holding on to a life of confusion, invite you to listen to the way the anchor shares her worldview and the stubbornness of the world in the 1/27 Wednesday night. Women fans look forward to your mutual soul, this evening, leaving a sign of mutual shine.

A review of Lu Yijin famous sayings

  1. Why are we so disappointed in Taiwan that we are reluctant to leave?
  2. Leave Taiwan for 100 days, in order to meet the "advanced version" of their own
  3. No matter who you were before! New York, a city that learns to be "zero."
  4. I hope you're going to like me because of what's in my head.
  5. From Beijing to see the footsteps of the world: Taiwanese, please stand up quickly