In the new year, Emma Watson invites you to join the book club and be a book friend with the world." Our bookcase is a new plan recently launched by Emma Watson to exchange ideas about feminism through a shared interpretation of each other's ideas. Let's take a look at the first book, which is the first reading of the book, which is the that they have .(Sibling: SheForShe Emma Watson: I'm going to use my prerogatives to speak out of the forgotten edges )

"Not just for women's rights, but for gender."Without each other's support, we could not fly high.On the road to equality, we are the most powerful backing for each other.— — Emma Watson

This is the third year of Emma Watson's Goodwill Ambassador for Women, and we remember her first meeting at the the United , and we remember her first meeting with Malala, who had a sense of shame on her face, and pleaded with feminism as a synonymous verb.(Recommended reading: Women's Age!)Emma Watson meets Malala for the first time: As a feminist, we are proud )

The posturing of Emma Watson, in the face of the vast faraway feminist noun, she admits she needs to know more, and she never retreats, every event, every book, every talk, every conversation, every conversation she conducts with the world's more feminist dialogue.

In recent days, Emma Watson announced the establishment of a book club called "Our Girls'Clubs' Club." By reading a woman's classics, she could be recognized and exchanged. In the past, feminists have come a long way to ask questions and solutions to the world.

She wrote this sentence in the Facebook page,

Following the UN Women's mission, I began to read a lot of books and papers about gender, so that I could have a better grasp of the current situation and change.These books are so beautiful, interesting, inspiring, tear-down, thought-provodingly, and empowered!I saw too much in the book, and my head was almost impossible to load, so I decided to set up a feminist book club, to share with you the books that I read, and to hear what everyone thought.

The club is called Early this month I will select a book, and we'll start discussing it at the end of the month.I will put some questions and sentences on the list first, but I sincerely hope that this is an open and free discussion, and everyone can participate in the discussion.

If you are interested, join us and we welcome everyone.It is my pleasure to join you."

addition to Emma Watson, J.K. Rowling, Taylor, < Girl My Largest > producer Lena · Dan, also your club book friend.And the first book, Emma Watson, chose the "My life on the road" of America's feminist author, Gloria Steinem.

The first book of the bookcase: Gloria Steinstein's life < I'm a zero-zero life.

The purpose of feminism is to release individual characteristics.And so we understand that everyone is a hybrid of genetic traits and environmental factors, unique individuals, " — — Gloria Steinstein

Gloria Stone, one of the second feminist mothers, was a journalist who later became a feminist campaigner and founded the magazine to focus on women's rights and victimization issues, with the main service population being a woman with a female consciousness of the middle class.In the 1960s, Stan was able to create a second wave of feminism that was full of feminism, along with Helen Green Brown, the founder of Ke Dream-Podama.(Recommended reading: The birth of the Dream Girl: Helen Gallie Brown's Legend Dreams )

In this case, feminism is not just a single word of capital.Stine, a pioneer of American feminism, has been criticized for overhate speech, saying a very controversial phrase: "Women need men, like fish need bicycles.""

My Life at Zero ' is the autobiography of Stannon published in 2015, and she wrote, "My last wish is to open a path that is constrained by gender, and I am serious."So far, the road is basically a man's territory.Men reflect the value of adventure, the value of the woman and the family and the value of the family, which is too much oblique." (Recommended thinking: Men, women, who will take care of housework?

is a close book. It's like sitting down and talking to Stein, and listening to her, listening to her say, a nomadic feminist hands-on process.Emma Watson chose to up many of the imagination and discussion of the Late-to-Late Read, the Generation, "and Open".

Who says sex doesn't matter?Women's Feminist Club

The club's concept was originally masculinarian, and the Equestrian Club was the first social group to qualify for the upper class, and later it was extended to the campus of the Brotherhood.A gathering of men is the right to self-growth, and women have often been likened to the "Three Auntie". Later, the concept of the club is gradually opening up, and the term is gradually becoming more neutral.

This is a feminist reading club, not just for women, but also a more friendly gender environment.

I think that reading so fascinating is that it makes you a world that is as complex as the real world, with no standard answer, you don't necessarily have to agree with it, but every sentence in the book lets you pause to think, you talk to the author, talk to the world, and find the answers that you believe in.(Recommended reading: Bidirectional happiness read: A good book is deep!Pick up a good book for him )

As Emma Watson said, " I want to be a Renaissance woman, I want to draw, write, perform, read, I want to do almost everything."People who love to read are not content with people in the world, we are greedy and hope that the world will be better and better."

Thank Emma Watson for the women's rights book club, who says sex isn't important?In the new year, we remind ourselves of the gender-related books and the JK. Rowling, Tyrus, Emma Watson, as a book friend without boundaries.