A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. When I met you, I promised to feel you, awake kiss gentle. Even if single I live very strong, I still very hungry for you, we do two fish, holding hands to swim in the Sea of love flow . This one, is to love the confession. (Recommended reading: single Diary: Love Is You accompany me to see the doctor, I saw you aging )

I hope that when I cry, no one will see. I hope that when I laugh, friends are around. I hope that when silence, no one bothers me, I hope to leave when someone remembers to detain me.

I wish I had the luxury of not being brave, I hope I naturally refer to "we", I want someone to hug me, as warm as I hug myself.

I hope I have the ability to wind up for you, like you for me to cover the rain. I wish I had been strong because of you, and you know the softness because of me. I wish we were androgynous, clinging to each other to live.

The road of Happiness I walk crooked, like the hair of your natural volume curl. I have been silly leng in situ, do not know how to properly clean up the wreckage of the past scenery. In the memory, I always apologize to the people who have failed, sorry, I did not guard this place.

At that time I like the winter cat, covet the car under the remaining temperature, I do not want to think of the car, I may beheaded. I cherish the memories of the past, I have not much left. Then you show up and pick up my worst time.

Before you, I already wanted to give up very much.

For you, love is how to join the WTO, daily necessities is the sweetness of life, for me, love is the old words, but I would like to practice awkwardly for you. When I think of you, I can only thank the old life, thank you for your willingness to appear in my worst time.

We have a sweet nickname for each other, we occasionally quarrel endlessly, love is the flow of the sea, we hold hands to swim, say ordinary very words of love.

I want to tell you, simple sentence, I want to live with you, forever.