A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. The presidential election Day, we again think about cross-strait relations, in fact, always want to love. Like love but not let go of each other's relationship. This day, we express, the expression is the beginning of understanding. Taiwan needs more hugs and forgiveness . (Recommended reading: single Diary: Politics and Love are very similar, every statement is very precious )

We have not as close as the past intimate, love the water without trace, then we have their own emotional history, you can no longer do my dream, as I can not understand your poems.
We occasionally talk about the telephone, occasionally say good-bye, sometimes meet on the road, sometimes wrong body. As every stranger I have yet to meet.

We have grown under the same tree, no one can understand each other like us, but no one can hurt each other with us. You look at me and see me stumble you always say: "Welcome home." 」

But home is not good, home can not solve the future I have to face, can not make me grow into a perfect person. I know I can't run, I can't take your temperature anymore. I know that it will grant me a temporary asylum, but not complete my life.

I imagined the home, there is the subtropical atmosphere of the island, there are waves of soft lapping ashore, there is a broken heart, we will fight for a small thing, but always embrace forgiveness.

I think I like you, but I can not love you, can not love you like the nature of my love. I just rely on you, accustomed to the days we have been in love, trying to imitate all the feelings I have seen in the pages, I want to find a place for you in my life a definition.

There is a road in front of me, even if I am lonely to go. You said "It's silly." 」
Yes, I am stubborn, I gamble, when I decisively turned around, the world may not be better.
But as long as I stay here, the world will not be good.

Wish no matter how good the parting, or the distant
We're still friends.

I don't apologize for my beloved future .