Just, Zhulilen published a defeat to choose a speech. Five sorry, resign the party chairman, open the Kuomintang's deep apology, also bless Cai English continue to lead the future of Taiwan, next, let us see the publication of Zhulilen. (Same Gayon: The front line of the presidential election, women obsessed with politics )

I'm sorry, Zhulilen let you down! We defeated the election, the Kuomintang defeated the election, we have not tried enough, we live up to the expectations of the electorate, we live up to the responsibility of the State!

As the Chairman of the party, as the President of the party, is duty-bound to take up the greatest responsibility, I immediately resign from the post of party chairman, thoroughly self-examination and self-examination, but I will not give up my confidence in the Kuomintang and the confidence of the State in the community towards the electorate.

Congratulations to President Tsai on winning the election. This is the choice of the people of Taiwan, and the Taiwanese people's commitment to Mr Cai and the DPP, and I sincerely wish Chua and the DPP to lead the Republic of China and lead Taiwan towards a happier and better future after winning the election.

To congratulate all the voters, the voters are the biggest winners, the voters let us and the political parties, know the public opinion and the trend of public opinion.

We, the Kuomintang, will certainly remember this election, the serious setback we have suffered. Apart from the deep honestly and listening to the message of public opinion revealed by the ballot papers, the Kuomintang will also play a good role in the opposition and the power of supervision.

The Kuomintang defeated the election, but as an opposition party, as the political watchdog, we will be in the future to play a good voice of opposition, supervision of the power, but please rest assured that we will do a loyal opposition, we will be sensitive to public opinion, reflect the public opinion of the Monitor. All good intentions, all from the sincere love of Taiwan's heart!

one Taiwan, Taiwan only. I believe this before the election, I still believe so after the election.

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At the time of the election, the party is based on different ideas different values can be fiercely competitive, but after election, only one ruling party, only one government, we have to respect the choices of voters, we have to believe in the democratic mechanism, after election, Taiwan still has only one, as the opposition party, the Kuomintang must be sincere introspection, Why the people made such a choice! Why have we been in power for almost eight years and will be the opposition again?

If we reflect on the wrong direction, if we reflect the depth of not enough, then four years later, the Kuomintang is still not qualified to say: we can start again! We still have a chance!

I know that at the moment, all the people who support us are grieving and emotionally traumatic, but I want to tell you that we have no hesitation or pessimism. From now on, we will begin to think seriously: why? How do you do it? Where are you going?

Why has there been a huge shift in public opinion in the past few years? Why, the Kuomintang to observe the public opinion, there is such a big gap? Our policy advocates, our employment methods, we communicate with the Community language and posture, is not all the big problem? Why should our introspection and review not be thorough and impossible to implement?

Losing the central government and losing the majority of Congress is an unprecedented upheaval in the Kuomintang. In fact, from the end of the year before the ninth election, the Kuomintang lost most of the local government, it has revealed that we are facing a huge crisis. If this is the best time to question what we should do, I must say that starting from the local roots, starting from the local grassroots to cultivate talent thoroughly, through the election, so that our future talent, future leaders, from the grassroots start, into the Parliament, into the government, is the only way to "Rebirth of Fire"! is also our Kuomintang to fight for public opinion, from the root to do the only opportunity!

We sincerely wish the DPP party to govern. However, party politics is a competition between different policies and different philosophies. We, the Kuomintang, do have a different kind of separation from the Democratic Progressive Party to the ROC and the blueprint for Taiwan's development.

Although we lost this election, however, we still have a responsibility for the future development of our country, to express our concern to the new government, to the ruling party, and to our worries. This is a responsible opposition party that must be done. Where is Taiwan going? Not just a political party, but a common thing for 23 million of Taiwanese people! Although the Kuomintang lost the election, but will not lose our love for Taiwan, the Republic of China's love!

This is a promise I can make to all the voters.

I am grateful to the last moment, the Kuomintang will not abandon the voters friends, you have supported our courage to fight! For the people who are always silent, you inspire us to constantly reflect on our own criticism. For those of you who have not voted for us, you have inspired us to conduct a thorough review, and you have given us the impetus to continue to reform, to continue to change, and to regain our momentum after four years!

The election is over. After tonight, wins the election to carry on the responsibility, the defeat chooses wishes wholeheartedly, the ego is exciting.
Taiwan's democracy is the pride of the Chinese community, I cherish this election, and I once again thank you for the joint achievement of Taiwan's history of democracy.

If elections win or lose, Taiwan's future cannot be lost and must be won.

The Kuomintang should take root at the bottom of the valley, to be reborn from the fire, to change our physique in every vote and accusation, this is the commitment we must make and our responsibility.

We should look at the bottom of the sky, thinking about the future, and strive to the top. Bless you all.