20,161 months 16, Taiwan once again the rotation of political parties, the first elected female president was born. After facing the international press conference, Cai returned to the campaign headquarters to share this wonderful evening with the Taiwanese people who supported him. Let's take a look at Chua's promise to Taiwan, and when she reads: "It's getting light , there's a group of people here who are more courageous to protect our dreams." "We know that Taiwanese will be braver once more than once," he said. (Recommended:"Live" Taiwan's first female president!) Cai English: Taiwan will unite for Democracy

Friends at the scene, the good friends in front of the TV, the Young friends watching live on the internet, all the Taiwanese people, everyone, good night.

My running mate, Jen, is the chairman of the campaign headquarters, Mayor Chen Chu, and all of our campaign headquarters colleagues, you have worked hard.

I said, I have to die, but also to make your tears into a smile, we did.

So, if there are tears in the eyes, please wipe it dry. Let's take a happy mood to greet the beginning of a new era in Taiwan, OK?

My colleague told me that today, we have a supporter sitting here waiting to be invoiced, starting from noon.

Do you have some joy?

I know that you have a little complaint about me over the years. It is everyone's belief that I am too rational to express my feelings openly. So, here, I would like to say that if we are really happy, we will come to cheer for Taiwan loudly once, OK?

we have done an important thing for Taiwan together, this is the feeling of my heart at this moment. My mood is actually very calm, because, I know, in the future my responsibility will be very important. Thank you for your support to Cai English and Jen, and I thank all of you for the support of the DPP, and I would once again, on behalf of the Democratic Progressive Party, give my deepest thanks to all the people of Taiwan. (Extended reading: the belief of the Wanderer returning to the polls: No matter how far, to find a better way for home )

Thanks to all the people of Taiwan, we have completed the third round of political party rotation in the history of Taiwan's democracy. We have lit up Taiwan, and we have once again told the world that Taiwan equals democracy and democracy equals Taiwan. Right?

I would like to thank my two competitors, Chairman Zhu and President Song, and together we have written a new page of history for the Democratic politics of Taiwan. I know what they expect from this country. Elections win or lose, but the ultimate victory is always Taiwan's democracy. Here, I sincerely invite them, this country, the road of future reform, can not without you.

I would also like to thank my colleagues, our backup club, our volunteer work. You sacrifice holidays, the time to spend with your family, regardless of sunny and rainy days, even if sick cold, all fight alongside me. You are the strongest team. It is my greatest pleasure to walk with you in the last mile of the road.

I would also like to thank the young colleagues in this campaign headquarters, especially the party workers. In the past, so many years, my heart has been a sentence to tell you. This party has failed, but I always tell myself, one day, I will let everyone wear this party 's uniform, go outside, Heart is full of confidence and sense of responsibility . We did it, right?

Next, I would like to thank every one in this election, the contribution of small donations, to our piglets, money to contribute to good friends. Because of you, the DPP once again confirms that we are the party of the Taiwanese people. Right?

Voting is a day and elections are months, but changing the country is a daily task that must be sustained. This evening, we can celebrate. Tomorrow when the sun rises, we will be responsible for the reform of this country.

At this moment in Taiwan, many elderly people are waiting for a sounder system of long photos.
At this moment in Taiwan, young people in Taiwan are waiting for a fairer housing environment.
We must not forget that there are still many small and medium-sized enterprises, waiting for the opportunity to upgrade the transition.
Nor can we forget that an annuity system that is about to go bankrupt is waiting for us to save it.

We have not forgotten that the maintenance of the security of the Taiwan Strait and the peace and stability of cross-strait relations are common expectations and the efforts of both sides. "Maintaining the status quo" is my commitment to the people of Taiwan and to the international community, and I will do what I can. I also assure you that in the future, I will be active in dealing with cross-strait relations, without provocation or by accident.

Dear Taiwanese people, the victory of democracy is our common creation, and the reform should also be promoted by us. We will face many challenges, the reform process will be very hard, but no matter what kind of hardships, the Taiwanese have never been knocked down. Right?

The first mile of reform has begun. A freer, more democratic, more prosperous and more righteous nation is right in front of us as long as we support each other and stand firm. Right?

February 1, the new Congress is about to open a debate. The DPP will give priority to bills of concern to the people. The energy of reform should be maximized, while the upheaval of reform will be minimized. The Democratic Progressive Party, now a majority party in Congress. We are halfway through, and we are going to deliver on our promises to the electorate, and there must be no half of the reforms.

This is the first time Taiwan's Congress party rotation. Our responsibilities are heavier than before. I stress again that the DPP will not take the whole bowl. We will continue to open up the DPP and try to listen to the voices that have not entered Congress. At the same time, we will work with all political parties, including the Kuomintang, the pro-civil party and the Times, to do our best to reform.

Here, I will give the first order to the Democratic Progressive Party, as the President-elect, humble, humble and humble.

The people of Taiwan, in the new era, are working together for the reform of the country, without a blue-green, political party or ethnic group. This is the promise of Tsai. This is the guarantee of Tsai. Everybody say OK?

last night before the election night, I saw the 98-year-old Smin Ougi Mulberry, in such a cold weather, rain, but also came to the front stage, for me to refuel. He has been very difficult to speak, but I know, old folk is to tell me, the president of Taiwan, must have the ambition, must have the determination, must be strong. (same field Gayon: written in the Zhou Ziyu apology film: Taiwan must be free and independent, every Zhou Ziyu no need to grovel )

I am here to tell old folk that I am sure to be strong. In the face of Taiwan's plight, I will be strong every minute.
Because, from today, Cai English strong, the country will be strong. Cai English is strong, the Taiwanese people will follow me to be strong.

Taiwan is a democratic and free country. The great place in this country is that everyone has the right to do it. This country, to protect all citizens, the right to choose freely. Here, I would like to make a solemn appeal, as President-elect, that anyone must respect this freedom.

The result of today's election is to prove to the world that the Taiwanese are free people and the Taiwanese are democracies. As long as I am president of the day, I will try to make my nationals, no one must apologize for their identity.

Dear Taiwanese people, the new era has begun. "The sky is fading, there are a group of people, in order to protect our dreams, to become more courageous people."

We are the group of people. After this election, we have been more courageous. Starting tomorrow, we will continue to work for our brothers and sisters, for our next generation. Once again, thank all the good friends on the scene and thank all the people of Taiwan. (recommend: after the sun-Flower movement: The next step for the younger generation, the end is the beginning )

dignity, unity, self-confidence, this is the new Taiwan. Thank you all. Good night, Taiwan, and God bless Taiwan.