Taiwan's first female president took office in 2016. 23 million of people's happiness, CNN, the BBC and other media care, the Taiwanese sacred vote in the hands of President Tsai. After Zhulilen 's speech, let us listen to cai English talk about the future of Taiwan-we will not split because of the election, but because of democracy and unity. (Recommended reading: Gender equity is not your collection tool!) 2016 presidential election absence of gender policy )

Thank you all the media reporters at home and abroad friends, thank you for your patience waiting.

Today, Taiwanese have written history with ballots, completing the third round of political party rotation since the president's direct election, and the first "congressional party rotation". I would like to pay the deepest tribute to the Taiwanese people who have walked into the polling house and cast a sacred vote today. Whatever the vote, the manifestation of the spirit of democracy is the most significant of the election.

In 2016, once again, through democratic elections, we demonstrated to the world the pride of being a democratic nation and the glory of being a Taiwanese. We have once again told the international community that the value of democracy has been deeply in the blood of Taiwanese people, and that the democratic way of life will be 23 million people forever.

Here, I would like to thank the two respectable opponents, the KMT's chairman Zhu, and the pro-Chinese party song and the president. I thank them for showing a democratic demeanor that will make this election a smooth and successful one. And in the past this period of competition, and his many advice to me, will be my driving force for continuous improvement.

I believe that apart from competition among political parties, they can certainly co-operate. During the transitional period between the new Congress and the new government, the DPP will follow the constitutional system and maintain close communication and coordination with the present Government to assist the Government in maintaining political stability and normal operation during the handover.

I will, as soon as possible, work with the main political parties in the country to Shang the mechanism, and we also hope that through this mechanism, we will be able to exchange views on major policies, so that Taiwan can free itself from the old thinking of political wrangling and meet the "new political" coming. (Extended reading: Xu Qiao core beauty brand, Cai English mother restaurant girl?) Is Taiwan politics friendly to women?

In addition, I would like to thank all the voters who voted for Tsai, Jen, the Democratic Progressive Party and our legislators, to get the DPP to stand up again and to give us the responsibility to govern the country once again.

For me, this is not just an election victory. The result is that the people are looking for a government that is more willing to listen to public opinion, a government that is more transparent in decision-making, a government capable of solving difficulties, taking care of the weak, a government that can bring the country to a new era, and A government that will firmly defend the sovereignty of the State.

As I said, from today, it is the first mile of reform. These trusts will be the biggest backing for my push for reform. I pledge that the new Congress of February 1, and the new government that took office on May 20, will be the most important mission of these expectations.

We must be honest, reform is not one-step, and Taiwan's immediate challenges will not disappear immediately. But in the next 4 years, I will certainly do my best to fulfill my commitment to promote Taiwan's advanced countries, to embark on the necessary soft and hard construction, to repair past policy mistakes and to rebuild people's trust in the Government, The next stage of Taiwan's development, lay the most solid foundation.

On behalf of the Taiwanese people, I would like to thank international friends for their concern and support for the democratic elections in Taiwan. As a part of the international community, Taiwan is willing to participate actively in international cooperation, and Taiwan is willing to share its interests and responsibilities with its allies around the world and make the greatest contribution to the peace and stability of the region.

In this campaign, I have repeatedly pledged to establish a consistent, predictable and sustainable cross-strait relationship. As the 14th President of the Republic of China, I would like to reiterate that after the new government of May 20 this year, the results of the current constitutional system of the Republic of China, the cross-strait consultations and exchanges, as well as the principles of democracy and general public opinion, As the basis for promoting cross-strait relations. I will also take a more bipartisan stance and follow Taiwan's latest public opinion and the greatest consensus to ensure that cross-strait relations maintain a peaceful and stable status so as to create the best interests and well-being of the Taiwanese people.

I would also like to stress that both sides have a responsibility to do their utmost to find a reciprocal and mutually acceptable way of interaction to ensure that there is no provocation or accident. The result of today's election is the expression of Taiwan's public opinion, the Republic of China as a democratic country, the common insistence of the 23 million Taiwanese people, our democratic system, national identity, and international space must be fully respected , any fight Pressure, will undermine the stability of cross-strait relations. (Recommended reading:"exclusive" CAI English female Power speech Full text: "Failed to stand up again, find Taiwan's rebellion and strong")

Finally, I would like to stress that I know that I have a great responsibility to go to the knot in this country.

In these two days, one news has shaken Taiwan society. A Taiwanese entertainer, a 16-year-old girl who has developed in Korea, has been suppressed for holding the painted face of the ROC flag. This incident has aroused widespread dissatisfaction among the Taiwanese people, who are not partisan. This will always remind me of the responsibility to unite this country, to grow this country, and to be consistent with the outside world, as the next President of the Republic of China.

Taiwan will also have many challenges, from the outside and from the inside. The election is over, and all the friction and strife in the election process should be done. I will go forward with 23 million of people to defeat the plight of this country, we will not split because of the election, but because of democracy and unity.

Thank you.