single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single worry. When you're single, you don't always want a man's arms, because a sister's hug is warmer. The bad guys don't teach you what relationships are, but sisters redeem you again and again. You can not have a man, but not a sister . With her, you are no longer alone. (Recommended to you: a good sister is each to go through life, but also to gather together)

After the man left, my rainy season began again, choking and ticking, feeling colder than the sudden drop in the temperature. I struggled to sweep away the dust left by men, and the first breath of my eyes was unconsciously red.

I call you in the untimely middle of the night, and I can not say a word, you gently said to find you good? I nodded on the other end of the line, you said the sisters never need to say sorry, we are together, are the most powerful time.

Pick up my never next love, Love is not a woman's redemption, is embedded near the body of friendship, warm my coldest time.

We love each other, depend on each other, spend time together. We agreed, I will wipe your tears, you will hug a hug I said we each other.

I didn't tell anyone, but you always knew, I am a very vulnerable person, learn to maintain a safe distance of attachment, learn to seemingly independent life, learn to pretend not to care about the turn away, only you will remind me, the world if there is a person can depend on, is a need to cherish things; the existence of tears, is to prove that sadness is not an illusion.

We are like twins, Love has never been better, a long time before we can laugh and talk about the people who hurt us, thank no longer to live with them. But they never taught me how wonderful it was to build relationships. Is you let me again and again not afraid to love, not afraid to be loved.

I know I can not have a man, but I can't have no sisters.

"You are the mirror of the other, Shaohua the speed of a rainbow, laughing like there is starlight, not because we have seen the tree, but because I was your eyes, friendship burning hot, we arm wandering the Maple Leaf's hometown." 」