Gay men touch Women's privacy, the first time they really have a good understanding of the privacy of women, full of fear, worry, unknown. Look at their lovely reactions together.

"Briaandchrissy" after the publication of "When the lesbian first touch male Penis", and released a sequel "When Gay men first touch the female vagina", these male comrades into the room, some braved cold sweat, some blush to be overwhelmed, nervously shaking hands.

Many gay men admit that they have never seen a woman's vagina and do not know what it looks like. When beautiful models are taking off their underwear, they must inhale and adjust their breathing, wear gloves, gentleman and politely ask: "Can you touch it?" 」

Let's start this magical journey together: when gay men touch women's privates, their response is ...

"Is this the vagina?" she said. 」

"Ah ah ~ haha haha (a burst of laughter)." 」

"I think it's staring at me. 」

"Usually the penis is put in here?" 」

"Like a balloon ⋯⋯".

"Oh my God, it's like a flower branch." 」

"I thought about the furry aliens in Star Wars. 」

When women want men to look for "Yin core", we are scrambling to speculate, hey, find a woman's yin nucleus is not so simple! After close physical understanding, they say they seem less afraid of women and more certain that they love men.

Different from the heterosexual description of the woman's vagina: abalone, famous device ... the direct description and reaction of comrades is very lovely. The experiment, in addition to verifying that gay people may not be able to have sexual reactions to the opposite sex, is a hopeful way to get along with the sex that puts aside stereotypes.

If you are afraid, be gentle and stare. The lust of the world is flowing, not only men and women. There are 100 kinds of bodies, there are 100 kinds of erotic appearance.

Practice touching and understanding people who are "different" from you. (Same Gayon: Taiwanese Christian couple's wedding address: If you bless me, please bless gay love )