The lesbian's response to a man's private place, the first time they really get to know the penis, is full of fear, fear, and unknown. Take a look at their most authentic reactions.

Most lesbians have never seen a man's penis in their lifetime. Even if there is a chance, they may also say: "I don't need, thanks." "briaandchrissy AV team is to break the barriers of gender, you can think of the first time you touch the penis how it feels? Hey girls, do you know your vagina? )

Lesbian first said, this is more than public speaking, car crashes are 100 times times more stressful Ah! Let's look at how the lesbians begin to "touch a man's penis" at the beginning of their experience.

"Why did you take it off?" Is that what you need? 」

"Softer than I thought, it's a bit of clay, but warm." 」

"It's like noodles, not casual noodles, it's an Italian restaurant," he said. 」

"Actually it feels like my vagina, it's just skin." 」

"It looks like, when you take your cat to the vet, the vet will shave off the cat's fur and expose the cat's flabby skin." 」

"I'm definitely a lesbian. You are a beautiful creature, I respect you, but you are not the beautiful creature that I want. 」

Also someone at the end of the touch experience, immediately call his mother said: "Mom, you know what I just did?" I touched a man's dick, you really should be proud of me. 」

Compared to "when gay men first touch women's vagina" film, lesbians seem to be more afraid of the penis, and holding "This life do not want to touch" idea. Everyone has a different imagination, these fear "penis" woman also took the first step. They try to tell themselves: in fact, it is nothing, like I also have skin. (same field Gayon: Why does the vagina stretch freely?) 24 more understanding of their own sex quiz )

It is true that everyone lives in a different body, and we do not need to fear the difference. is not a lesbian, refused to communicate with men, otherwise, this is different from the edge of exclusion? Let us use "heart" as the medium, try to close to more living and living "different culture", see everyone is different, understand each difference, no one is the edge.

To understand, you don't have to start by touching a man's penis, there are many people in the world who need to be found, different manifestations of erotic performance, the desire and lack of a lattice. Every sexual inclination from love should be recognized. Just calm down to listen, eyes clear see.