single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single worry. On a single day, you may be stable like a person , they say that it is not love, but unrequited. The word unrequited love has become weak, in fact , sometimes, the crush of people, than you think you know the relationship. (Extended reading: The conditions of happiness: a person is also very happy does not mean to refuse love )

Some people say that unrequited love is a kind of disease, if contaminated with a little symptom, it is best to quickly isolate treatment. Sadly, there is a love in the world, even if you know that there is no love, you can not refuse to feel relieved in a smile.

Just grew up a little, our kind likes, from "silently silent", to even leniency, also can get along freely. Because of the conviction of a relationship, there is a more distant and lighter texture than love.

In the unrequited love relationship, the last thing you need is: "I am very touched." "or" Thank you very much. 」

He doesn't need to be thankful for your love, sometimes it's more fragile than the feeling of apologizing. Like a noble, cold-blooded refusal. Said I am sorry, perhaps you can also be a confidant, said thanks, is alienated, said moved, is to send the ambiguous.

You just want to let him know that such love, not necessarily become love, eager to understand this appreciation. Regardless of friendship or love, moved are the most fleeting, not reliable. A truly good relationship is to listen to you even if you cannot possess you.

Pour out the unrequited love, finally have the courage to face themselves, you finally, do not show anyone your misfortune. Because of all the assumptions, that's all.

Think of VCDs "Honey Lucky Grass", Huben to the unrequited love without regret said: "I can like you, really is too good." 」

True love, is not seeking remuneration, is to recall that bitter days, feel back gan.

I'm the dolphin you feed in your belly
Laughter is a shallow earthquake in the sea
The eyes are the wind
Blue Hot hot sun brings one day after another
The fish of the mind swim over
I'd jump out of the sea and bend to a gray crescent to make you happy.

--yeqing, Dolphin