is the most important color of the New Year?Of course it's gold and red!

Gold representatives have gold, wheat, and sunlight, which symbolises the rolling of money, the infinish of the food, and the rising of the sun from the east; the red lanterns, firecrackers, and peony flowers symbolise the laughter of the children, the noise of the festival, and the bustling and bustling Chinese New Year.Is it a response to the New Year's new mood?So the next one is to introduce the seven kinds of Chinese New Year gifts, which are based on gold and red, so that you can send gifts to people's hearts, and also warm up others and their own winters.

tree NT $1280 $1215

New year, a new rich man is you, and now you are planting a "money tree" for yourself:

When you try to use a piece of money to irrigate, and use ten dollars to fertilize, and as you grow money, the money is accumulating more and more.The height of the tree is a symbol of wealth, and the higher the wealth, the richer and the richer the wealth is.

New Year gift box New Year gift box Year greeting NT $1000 $950 ~ NT $2680 $2545

cold, hot tea, health, and foster care.

New Year to choose the best gift box for the seniors to fit in!It includes five rows of health care tea drinking, tea drinking, handicrafts, tea, flowers, fresh flowers, flowers, and dates, and so on, so that they can enjoy the new year's birthday.

iPhone4 trendshinning GOLD series (white NT $4980/NT$ 5380

New Year's New Clothing!Your iPhone also wants a new suit, regardless of whether you're a rookie or a fad, and the same as a new iPhone.
French design
Lucien is a fashion iPhones, built with the exquisite engineering of jewelry made by the SWAROVSKI, and perfect for fashion and communication technology.{\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000!

SUNFLOWER thermal pad NT $680

Even if our festival is spent in the cold and cold winter, there is a warm and warm New Year's Eve to celebrate this beautiful New Year.At the same time, the setting of the table is the most important addition to the delicatest, and the good setting makes the vegetable color not just the vegetable color, but also adds to the diner's yearning for this meal.

SUNFLOWER " heat insulation mat is designed to blossom and blossom with a variety of shapes and colors, and the colors of the beautiful flowers bloom in the four seasons. The delicious food and pleasure of nature are also filled with the fragrance.

Tooghe Insulated Cup Taohe NT $680 $645

Red and red across 2011 and 2012: stainless steel double insulation cup + silica gel small box (tea or tea bags).
traditional virtues of the "
Blosson", in addition to the laughter of friends and friends, also teach us that they are the inheritors of traditional virtues, and
the vitality of the paradise of paradise reminds us of the arrogance of firecrackers and firecrackers in the sand between the Chinese New Year and the Sisters.

is a vacuum cup for the beverage and a warm cup for rememberation.

Bon 2.11 red bottle headset NT $1499

New Year to, Winter to, nose and cheeks are red, and the headset is going to be red.

Bon 2.11 red bottle headset is designed to be a red gourd, and the
that comes out of the
market is warm.

Accessories $580/ Keyring hang/text NT $450 $428

The things that you see are not necessarily just in traditional things.On the contrary, the real world of real life is actually right next to you.The two sides sometimes have an action, a hug, a smile, a hand, and a sweet feeling like a happy one, so close to one another.

Accessories are decorated with a happy switch, so that happy good things can be picked up next to the door, and good things will be accompanied by happiness along the way around you and me.It can also be used as a bottle opener: opening a happy switch, and integrating into the drinking culture of the Oriental Dinner Banquet table, and also injecting the cultural concepts of the western people drinking.Comb: In ancient oriental culture, the comb was given to women by men, because the comb represents an infinite thought and a happy metaphor for the relationship between the old and the old.

best gift to be given to newlyweds at the New Year is a souvenir that bears witness to the history of love, " she said.

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