Do you still remember the WOHOOOH !!! Contemporary Jewelry Show that was announced in November last year by the people?It is true that the exhibition has now reached Taiwan, where it is located at the South China Sea Gallery in Taipei City.

This show begins in Hong Kong at the first stop, followed by Sydney in Australia, Taipei, Thailand, and Bangkok, Thailand: from these four main exhibition cities, it is not hard to guess the WHOOOH !!! The designers of contemporary jewellery exhibitions are mainly from the Pacific Rim countries, attempting to trigger a jewelry revolution in the Pacific.

The small part arrived at the exhibition at around 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, just one day before the opening of the exhibition, which was the most noisy time in the city, and the carroman was completely unable to calm the hearts of the people.

But the gate gates of the South China Sea gallery are just like noisy and peaceful subdivision.When I arrived at the door of the exhibition, the transparent space and the surrounding vegetation left people to forget the bustling bustling city of the city. If it wasn't printed on the glass "WOHOOOH !!!", I also made my own mistake and broke into other people's living space!

In fact, this is the ultimate goal of this exhibition: In a society where the present world is growing, there is always a gummy, a rule, and a restriction. Only by doing artistic creation can we give people a moment of respite.The ten contemporary jewellery producers from five different countries tried to break the boundaries of traditional jewellery and escape from the constraints of reality by engaging in a jewellery producer and audience: primitive, intimate, eccentric, crazy, surreal, and unbelikable interactive wrestle.Through each exhibit, participants rethink the nature of jewelry through the interaction and connectivity between the exhibits and the viewer.As a result of this exhibition, the exhibition is named as:


Refine, paint colors, and return to the original shape.

The table on the table at the entrance is four small cards that can be folded to represent four exhibition cities: Hong Kong, Green, Sydney, Bangkok, and the Blue is Taipei.What do these four colors represent for their cities?The answer is already there in the small part of the "w". But everyone's explanation is different. Just look at what you have learned in the exhibition!

’ 10 'series' series of Deng Zanzhuang has influenced his most creative themes in the last 10 years. Each ring has a different material that represents a different connection between Dungezhuang and the different people.

We are fortunate to have the two exhibitors guided by us, the first of which is the chief curator and exhibitors from Hong Kong and the Tricia Dungeon, while the other is the Taipei representative, haoshi DESIGN.

Tricia Dungezhuang doesn't have the standard Chinese. She works hard to convey her design philosophy to us, just as she was at the same motivation: We know that she enlaces a ring with her own hands, symbolically to her unending love for these friends.

This piece of work from the Thai architect is to understand the essence of the art through the process of clothing, and the material is taken from nature, and there is a beautiful story behind each of these ornaments.

It is not difficult to see that this is a depiction of mushrooms, pines, and so on. Japanese designers have spent a lot of time observing the growth of plants to make these rings, necklaces, and bracelings. The designer's work is growing along with the plant. From seed to flowering, it is not a easy journey.

The first glance at the first glance of the work is more eye-looking, making my gaze impossible to leave, so it's really interesting to look at the scene -- and this is the meaning of the Hong Kong designer: he wants the jewelry to be worn on the body, and the effect of interaction with others.

This time, the only representative of Taiwan, the haoshi Design good design , shows their views of contemporary society: The animal circle represents a variety of human beings in modern society. The lifestyle and habitat of each animal are different.(Wen at the end of the text designed the latest design for the design of the design, and wanted to see the end of the story all the time

Through the personal explanation of the designer, we found that these animals were not picky. Each one of the proportions and the balance had to be pinnable, so that they could just stand as real as they were, and then straight and straight.It looks like it's a good yo-y!

This is a design from Australia. Do you guess what they are?Shh. This is the designer's intention: Who says the ring can be the ring?Who says hairpins can only be hairpins?The comb is not because it's called a comb but a comb, and it's you -- it's you -- it's a comb, it's a comb.(Smart people should be able to understand what the little part says!If you don't understand, please come to the exhibition yourself!)

Do you see whether this lemon is a real fake?Australian designers have made the ideal of environmental conservation by making artificial fruit and vegetables through artificial materials.If one day we don't eat fresh and natural fruit, what will the world look like?

This show is divided into two regions, and the other shows the same design that is created by these designers, but with different styles.

These little pieces are just the tip of the iceberg. They want to call out the "WOHOOOH !!!" (Whoo!!!)?Please come to the field to experience the urban dust and the nature of the city's hustle and nature!

The main curator and exhibiter, Tricia Dungezhuang (right), and the Taipei representative haoshi DESIGN (left) on the same day, if you see their busy figure, please don't forget to say hello or express encouragement.

WOHOOOH !!! Details:

Contemporary jewellery vs art vs Design-

Hong Kong-Sydney-Taipei-Bangkok

Artist & Designer:

ellie may ARNOEY (Sydney), haoshi DESIGN (Hong Kong), Li's Cheuk (Hong Kong), Middle Island (Hong Kong), Zeng Lizhong (Hong Kong), bow WASINONDH (Bangkok), melinda YOUNG



Opening: 2012/01/06 19:30
2012/01/06 ~ 2012/01/15
Place: Sea Gallery China Sea Gallery

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