Why do young generations fear Spring Festival? If you've tried nine ways to solve the festive scare , and you understand the psychological reasons that seniors always have to come up with a net worth survey for the spring festival, listen to the younger generation. We are afraid that we are 32 standard problem definition, afraid of ourselves on such a day, live like just to give someone a confession. This spring festival, we still hope to be able to lose fear, with more love, home. (Recommended reading: Spring Festival dress up!) Festive and not tacky Marsala wine red Dress up)

The arrival of the Spring Festival, for Taiwanese, is often accompanied by the high-speed railway station to seize the memory of the ticket. For many young generations, the image of a good-natured "League member for the New Year" is replaced by a more powerful fear pronoun. After grabbing the ticket, the hometown has not become more close.

Many young generations feel unusually naked when they think of the Spring Festival. As if your qualifications, contacts, work conditions, salary conditions, social and economic position must be in such a day on the table, paste up the label, Ren comments, just do not negative family and relatives of your various expectations and aspirations.

So on this day, no matter how big you grow, in their eyes, you are like a child can not grow up. The lessons of the elders you can only smile and nod, the relatives of the good to hear not to do not brittle, crooked is that you are not successful now (usually to the problem of boys) or how not to marry (usually for girls). On a day like Spring Festival, you suddenly feel that you are alive, as if just to give someone an account. (Recommended reading: only such a "happy" woman: Lin Chi-ling does not marry, social what? )

Taiwan people have the Spring Festival phobia, China has also arisen in recent years, "fear of family", specifically refers to the long wandering outside the spring festival to embrace the mood of the younger generation. The young generation feared, the hometown grew up, from their circle of life more and more distant, become in the distant Blur shadow.

The Spring Festival has made us a "child unable to grow up."

Chinese website survey, with the spring Festival young people fear five reasons to make a limerick. A fear of dinner "wheels off", too tired, two afraid of the spring Festival travel pressure, too afraid, three afraid of parents forced marriage, too embarrassed, four afraid of debt, too annoying, five fear after the syndrome, too worried.

It is not home but the image of the family that scares the young. Young generation fear to go home is not the elders in charge of the "unfilial", but is "homecoming" the concept of "filial piety" is too strong, the mood of home thus become very contradictory. A part of the young people rebel, that their lives and achievements need not be accountable to people, part of the doubt, they finally have become parents look forward to the adults. (Recommended thinking: Rural Heart Experience: no "clothes kam" can also "return to the native" )

The Spring Festival makes us become "unable to grow up the child", must use each kind of achievement exchange, waits for the sugar.

The first possibility is that what we fear is not the new year, but the fear of exposing ourselves to the crowd (self-disclosure). The second possibility is that we are not afraid of the new year, nor is it revealing itself, but we cannot afford to take the assessment and social comparison after disclosure. Spring Festival Panic disease: Why does the old love ask me to graduate, work, have the object?

Spring Festival table, unable to establish a "dialogue platform"

Film "Food and Drink" stills

"In the Spring Festival table, face and show off are more important than the real conversation," he said. 」

Grandpa is happy, which grandson is Taiwan da Zheng Big graduate, just went to the United States to take a degree back, aunt not to be outdone to talk about their son, the former just test the civil servants, the future of life are guaranteed. The "praised" children often bow their heads, occasionally exposing embarrassing smiles, they seem to become a face blurred people, body affixed with a label, the existence of the meaning of only to achieve the elders of the night face.

What makes people often criticized is the parallel world on the Spring Festival table, where the elders release a huge fault between their "cares" and the "messages" that young generations have received. Elders feel that they have released a dialogue of goodwill, but the grandchildren are down-hearted, but asked recently in which job, there is no new object, children are what gas?

For the younger generation, the way the Elders express their concern makes them feel sinful. Their expectations of a "good grandson" and "Good boy" are so obvious that they have a good job to name, a good partner to match, and no odd-shaped Gong in their hair. Those who cannot meet the standard feel helpless and anxious, and those who meet the standard will not be happy. (Recommended to you: Dear Mom and Dad, perhaps the happiness in our eyes is different from what you think )

The elders also probably in the mind is helpless. These are from small to large he used to listen to the problem, in addition to such a question, he is not sure he can talk about what, in order to fill the table topic blank, he had to keep saying. The child's living world is as far away from him, he is just invisible and then the pressure to the next generation.

So, the table can not talk about politics, not talk about current affairs, can not talk about personal privacy, had a quiet, bow to eat.

"When are you going to get married?" "The gender issue of the festival

The festival is also a high degree of gender-curing season, girls to go into the kitchen to help grandma cooking, boys to stay in the hall with Grandpa tea chatting, it seems to be a full house music.

As a girl, I am tired of answering "when to get married" in the spring Festival, "There are no stable contacts", "Would you like an aunt to help you introduce a" question. "(Recommended thinking: when" single "becomes your label )

This kind of question often accompanies the latent "age to intimidate", the medical proof and the emotion appeal two-pronged, for instance the woman after 30 years old child to be very bad to the body, or early marriage is not good lets the old person hold the grandchild early. The woman's body is like a container, take the whole family's hope, the future you do not just do other people's good daughter-in-law, but also for a good mother, born and not, between knot and not, you can not hear too much choice. The festival is tightly linked to marriage oppression and the single imagination of home, for same-sex couples or unmarried ethnic groups, they are more difficult to open.

What about a married woman? After getting married, it's farther away from home. Lunar New Year married women can not go back to her mother, the ancient women are married out of the "spilled water" must be a husband, sometimes the first two days can not return home, to busy in the family to help raise dishes to entertain the sisters of the in-laws. They also ask not to export, where is my home? Did I have a home after I married? (same field Recommendation: Do you go back to your mother's home?) New immigrant women and Taiwanese cultural problems )

Young generation fear of the Spring Festival, the most feared, in fact, is to experience the past they have exhausted all the efforts to combat the dogma, through the parents and elders of the gentle mouth of the repeated transmission, to the extreme beautiful one-sided image, trying to shape them into a single standard and vague face.

The younger generation fears the Spring festival, the most feared, is one day also becomes the identical adult.