"There must be injustice and sadness in the world, but through verse, grievance and sadness can be converted." "Chiang Hsun once said so. Reading poetry is like a process of digesting sadness, leaving a monologue for life, every week this time, I long for you to leave a time for yourself, the absence of the reality of the turmoil, women fans only read poems for you.

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The trees lie on the roof of the tiles
The winter sun
To bask the leaves into a cat
My thoughts of you are false
However, a little cry
It's healthy, it's healthy.

--〈 hung up the phone Sun Zi comments

can miss a person, all is healthy

We're here, summer's coming.
We can be gentle and firm in our footsteps.
Our voices can be graceful or hoarse.
Our fists can be waved to the sky or to the unrighteous.
Our hearts, can be the red of blood can also be green grass
We crossed the wall to occupy the street, this square, this fortress
When people think of it as a cash machine, as a mouthpiece, as an escape ladder
We take this place as a warm cradle, as a paddy field for Rice, as a recording room for a song that is not coming.
We sing, yes, we sing
We use the song to occupy a nation that belongs to us, to protect our government, and to support the Palace of our existence.
Turn it from the grave into the womb, from the rubbish heap into the orchard, from the hell to heaven.
We don't even ask for heaven, we drop our eyes and think of it as our own home.
Tonight, I did not know you and I, here a plural family
Tonight, the mob we're willing to make love to
Like a mob of 520 appeals to peasants.
Like a mob of 64 Tiananmen students.
Like the mob that Formosa the horn.
Like a mob with wild lilies and jasmine to change the world.
Like a mob that Zheng Nanxi with a gun.
But tonight, we don't burn ourselves
We burn this cold winter night
Let summer and night, come to our eyes!

--Hong-Hong's song of the mob--smelling 318 the anti-trade students in the legislative yuan are being referred by the media and the legislature as mob

Like 318 that day, go to the streets and vote at home.

People are busy with their position on this matter.
Can someone still remain silent about silence?
To force those who are silent to declare
It's like asking people to shut up--
So, how to speak in silence?
How to be silent in a manner of gesture?
The most suspicious of all is the sudden silence of those who have always been super-loving.
Those who are accustomed to silence have spoken.

The world must be what?

--Declare the whale to the sea

We were caught in the same storm
Even the soul is drenched, knowing that there are no shortcuts to these roads
You tried to put my pain into my body
I want to walk the distance for you
But my dear lovers, we all can only know the pain
Some words one exit is the Thorn is buried in the inevitable
Some words like a kiss deep in my heart
Sometimes we learn to talk about the weather and cold clothes.
Learn the quiet God to see the earth covered by snow
I can walk you through everything but I can't do it for you
Through this cold snow country

--Excerpt to Song Shangqi These roads that can't take you

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You hold my hand like a friend
Like to say those things to me
The things that make you sad

When I said it, you were close to me.

You really like it on me.
Let others think we are lovers
It makes me think

Some lines are invisible.
Can't see and can't cross
When I accidentally stepped on it
The sound will turn gray.
That could have been easily understood.
Become incomprehensible
For example

Your eyes.
Accidentally touch the fingertips on the back of my hand

I know that some goodness is not necessarily gentle
It's like some hands are fit to squeeze, some
Fit to miss

Sometimes your tenderness is more cruel than mustard.
Like watching you from behind
Take you to a deserted city, take a long way
You're just going to turn around
As if you were going to see me

--Location Jinmingshin

Sometimes, your goodness is a cruel