A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. After the recovery of single, love can still survive, but we do not reluctantly to match the couple , the future to be friends, the relationship will go farther and longer. I always like to use the universe to imagine Love, Love is in the distance from each other in the universe, the two stars close to each other. I've met you, and I've been very satisfied. (Recommended reading: Psychological breakup lesson: Love is not just a two-person world, but has its own universe )

Galileo told us that the earth is not the center of the universe, nor is the sun, and who will tell me that you are not.

Ming Ren Letter

The moon around the Earth, the earth goes around the sun, you are my big universe firm Core, in the same time is, separate after is still, is you let me believe, break up can only have a kind of embarrassing outcome, we just choose not together, not the end of the universe.

After the breakup can still be friends, not belong to our problem. We just can't use the identity of the couple to love each other, never think of the relationship to live as a stranger to blame. I can not bear to finally meet a gentle listening to my people, you do not want to miss a life so 贴己, we meet and separate, are because of love.

Once, I thought that love is the wild conquest each other's time, we in each other's body and the life flags, proudly delimit the boundary. Now, I feel love is in the distance from each other in the universe, the two stars close. From the encounter to gradually separate, even if all gentle, at this moment my time and space for another person to stop, regardless of the future.

You make me believe that love is not only a possibility of intimacy and sticky.

You call me understand, love is not synonymous, lovers, cohabitation or marriage, love is the delicate relationship between people, each kind of love, are stretching forward a two-person limited mode of getting along.

You let me be content to become myself, I am not surprised, I just do not want to kill our relationship, do not want to use the love of the party program to limit us, we decided to separate the good. Apart, we can go farther and farther.

I thank you so much for being with me, to be my heart.