Is the spirit of the first and the afternoon lackluted?Healthy pastries allow you to avoid eating too much when you eat in three meals, and you will not be able to concentrate on the spirit of hunger.But the so-called snacks don't mean ordinary biscuits!Because the "w" is a standard sweet-eating hobbyist who often eats the wrong thing, this is a special case of the "ww" of "ww", which is a special case of fliers and turns into the article, and I share the same kind of encouragement from the women who cannot be without a dim sum.

Snacks where you are

One method of reducing blood sugar between meals and meals is to open a pack of nuts or popcorn.The popcorn is not only caloric, but it doesn't have any trans fat, and it's even better that it's delicious!Some dreadless seasonings or low fat cheese is a tasty afternoon tea-meal.Sometimes, because you are too busy, what you want is a snack that you eat as you eat it. Then you might as well try to make a low-card nut bag.

-card nut package materials:

  • 1 bulking brown rice
  • ½ Cup pumpkin or sunflower seeds
  • ½ Cup of almond, casi or other nuts
  • ¾ cups of minivines, or other fruit
  • ¼ cups of mini chocolate (but over summer)

Keen: Packed with small plastic bags in bags, so as to avoid being careless and eating too much!


Nobody wants to be hungry after eating a snack, so choose a fibre-rich food, so that you will still have a full sense of satisfaction before the next meal.Why?Because your body will need more time to digest the fibrous material than the sweetmeat, it will be a fresh fruit, a nut and a cereal instead of a sweet diet.

Also, remember to add nuts on ice sheets, yoggs, or porridge, even if you can't help but eat your favorite snacks.A low-fat yoghuge with two teas of fruit is only 150 large cards, or the addition of a cranberry or oat to the salad can be added to the extra fibrous material.

Also Protein

A dim sum with high protein gives you plenty of energy until dinner. It is generally recommended that women between the ages of 19 and 70 each have 46 grams of protein per day, while men between the ages of 19 and 70 are 56 grams.To achieve daily recommendation intake, it is smart enough to choose these protein-rich pastries:

  • low fat cheese
  • mite
  • sliced turkey or chicken
  • low fat yoge

Try to make Granola roll at home

Low card, low fat, high fibre oat!It does not contain antiseptic, and it can take several kinds of nutrition at the same timeYou can also add materials to your own preferences.

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